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Extreme Weather / ISCFC Discussion Forum
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Extreme Weather

In the Northern Hemisphere in 2017 and 2018 brought several destructive hurricanes to the shores of North America, the Caribbean, and throughout the Pacific rim. Such extreme weather events are predicted to get more common and more severe with increasing climate change.

Several participating classes in the ISCFC were or are in the path of these storms and we hope for the best for them, their families and communities.

We would love to hear from students affected directly and indirectly by extreme weather events, and also any students who have been following the news this summer.

What are your thoughts about the connection between climate change and extreme weather events? Has this hurricane season increased your concern about climate change or not? Do you think that US citizens and residents (and others in the region) will take climate change more seriously now?

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Extreme Weather

Recent posts:

HyperHd   2021-10-18 03:25:50
Global warming

Reducing water use and reusing water. And no wasting water or using it in useless stuff. Only showering instead of bathing.

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Aloo   2021-10-16 18:28:07
What's with the weather?

The weather has changed a lot in the just the last years. 2020 was recorded to be the hottest year all over the world. Why is this happening? Why are we having such extreme weather such as fires and floods? And more importantly how do we stop it? This is causing global warming and I don't know how much long our planet can take it.

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WYSI   2021-10-07 13:44:42 (Last post: 2021-10-11 20:53:52)
Wacky Weather

I've been hearing about deadly hurricanes and tornadoes more and more on the news. Even if we drastically cut out emissions, will extreme weather still persist? I don't feel that reducing coal usage will automatically get rid of it.

Moss_Elf   2021-10-11 20:53:52

It will be very slightly reduced but it will definitly not stop until we restore the earth itself.

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Bryson D.   2021-10-11 19:16:58
We're burning up over here!

Californian here (Sacramento). Thankfully we recently made it out of the hot, dry, fire season. Reflecting back on it, I feel like the summer seasons are slowly becoming worse and worse. Some of the weather we got here was absurd, easily reaching the high 100s (degrees in Fahrenheit, of course). It's hard to enjoy the summer sometimes when you can't even go outside to play basketball in the day. Not only were the hot temperatures bad, but the fires as well! There were plenty of days where the AQI (Air Quality Index) score reached over 100 (which is unhealthy for sensitive groups). There were also a handful of days where it reached 150 (unhealthy). Finally, I remember one day specifically where the air quality reached over 200 (very unhealthy). This is of course due to the smoke from the fires that were having a field day here in California. Undoubtedly, climate change has allowed for this to happen. I'm kind of sick of these fires and hot days. Thus, I'm kind of sick of climate change.

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Robin Da Bank   2021-10-07 11:29:53 (Last post: 2021-10-11 18:40:29)

We have made bad things happen becuase we greedy

flykappinq   2021-10-07 12:24:04

insightful post robin


Robin Da Bank   2021-10-11 18:40:29

thamk yu

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Diego Berber   2021-10-08 16:52:17 (Last post: 2021-10-08 22:27:54)
Wild Fires and Natural disasters

As the years go on, we are seeing more wild fires and natural disasters around the world. You might say that wild fires are directly caused by humans and not by climate change (which is also caused by humans) but the truth is that climate change promotes these wild fires. The air is drier and the temperature is increasing which makes it more easier for wild fires to start. This brings me to my next point. If I recall correctly, hurricanes that hit the United States start in Africa and get bigger by gathering warm moist air that comes from the Atlantic ocean's waters. If temperatures are rising around the world, there will be more warm moist air in the ocean which causes more hurricanes to hit eastern North America.

Dimah   2021-10-08 22:27:54

Very well said! I believe that climate change has really affected our planet and the natural disasters that occur in it. I really agree with your statement about how they start in Africa and progress from there by moving to places with bigger populations and other climate issues. Very good point!

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TarunKommoju   2021-10-08 17:08:00
Hurricane Season?

Global warming increases the water temperature. Which causes for hurricanes to occur. Unless you like dangerous situations and wants hurricanes instead of  rain, help reduce the carbon emissions!

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Apollo1232   2021-10-07 11:16:18 (Last post: 2021-10-08 15:07:19)
California Fires

In the recent years there has no doubt been a huge spike in fires across the globe. But in particular the Golden State has been hit hard and I feel as if it is slowly burning to a crisp. I believe that it is happening because of climate change. We used to have hot summers. But now we have 110 degree+ summers. This starts large fires and moves them quickly across valleys because of our gusty winds. This is just one example of how climate change is affecting us and our lives right now.

Saketaram Parvataneni   2021-10-07 21:40:46

Hi. I agree with what you said. The fires in California have been very large fires that have caused lots of bad air quality for the state. I also agree that climate change is playing a part in these cases of extreme weather. As you said, there have been other instances of extreme weather around the globe that may have been caused by climate change. To reduce these instances of extreme weather, we need to reduce climate change and our carbon footprints.

Bijan   2021-10-08 15:07:19

Hi, your point is very much true. Indeed there has been an increase in natural fires, and it is definitely getting worse from global warming. The more the time goes by, the more gases we send into the atmosphere, which results in increased temperatures at different places.

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Saketaram Parvataneni   2021-10-07 20:36:37 (Last post: 2021-10-08 13:32:28)
Extreme Weather caused by climate change

Extreme weather that is caused by climate change is a major problem. Extreme weather causes many bad things, like loss of lives, loss of valuable resources, and loss of shelter. Examples of extreme weather are wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. A recent example are the fires in California. These types of weather are getting worse and worse because of greenhouse gases causing climate change. A possible way to reduce these cases of extreme weather could be to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases getting released into the atmosphere.

Anastasia575   2021-10-08 13:32:28

Very much agree with you on this, on how green houses cause climate change. The example you showed was really good.

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Bijan   2021-10-08 10:36:21

Our Weather is starting to get warmer and worse. Our atmosphere has substances called Green house gases. These gases are very protective of our planet, but when there is too much in one area, it leads to an increase in temperatures and dangerous disasters. We need to make sure we are not letting too many of these gases into our atmosphere so that we can protect our planet.

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zobaku   2021-10-07 23:37:22
Cape Town drought

In 2018, Cape Town, South Africa experienced a severe water shortage after a few years of droughts. The city almost reached what was called “Day Zero”, when the dam levels were close enough to 0% of full capacity, that extreme water restriction almost had to be implemented. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “human-caused climate change” was the cause of this. The unfortunate thing is, South Africa has very low annual CO2 emissions compared to other, larger countries such as the United States and China. This just shows that the consequences of our actions, and our own greenhouse gas emissions are not limited to ourselves, and can greatly harm other countries.

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nhgftv   2021-10-07 22:34:58
Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina and other such super storms have become commonplace because of global warming which raises the temperatures and makes these storms much more likely.

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Skyter41   2021-10-07 13:39:43 (Last post: 2021-10-07 18:14:14)
Hurricane Season

In the southern United States, the hurricane season has been getting progressively worse year by year.  They have been forced to endure more frequent, and more severe hurricanes every year.  This is largely due to climate change.  I believe that if we don't do anything to limit the effect of climate change, the whole area will be uninhabitable during the summer within a couple decades. 


TigerOnline   2021-10-07 18:14:14

yes we should unchange the climate to make the hurricane less

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shaun_s   2021-10-07 13:41:03
It’s too hot for PE

es, it really is too hot for PE. But that’s not the point. Lately, in California, wildfires have gotten out of control. Sure, it’s common to have long-lasting wildfires, but it’s been too much. Even in areas miles away from the actually fires, dust and ash coat the air, and the sun rises as a beautiful, yet ominous, red color. With the fires came hotter temperatures, a heat wave even. Temperatures have gone past 100 F (abt 38 C). It’s been getting better this past week though. Hopefully these fires will die down soon.

- AS (ML)

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IJustWantToMakeAnAccountPlease   2021-10-07 13:39:33
How can we control greenhouse gases?

As the human population continues to use products that harm the atmosphere, the weather gets progressively more violent and unpredictable. How can we fix the damage we've done to our atmosphere, if it's even possible at all? When did this first start and how long did it take us as a species to realize?

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Shril   2021-10-07 13:35:02

We need to try and stop our carbon footprints from getting bigger. Since climate change is starting up, many forest fires moved their smoke over to my city. A few days ago has also been very hot. Fall is the type of weather where there is breezes and cold seeping into your skin, this however isn’t the case as it was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the first week of October. The ice caps are melting, and so is my hope for the world.

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mubirub8772   2021-10-07 13:33:14
What's up with the weather?

It’s very true that mostly wherever you live, you have been experiencing some weather that should just not be happening. Summer days in winter, and rainy days in summer. A reason for this could be the climate change issues. We humans are wasting our resources; we waste a lot of this, we use too much of that. All these actions have effects. You don’t understand how they happen, but you can tell they are there. Using cars to go grocery stores that are 10 minutes walks away from our house contributes to the cause of dying animals. It’s time for everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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kristy_y   2021-10-07 12:57:15
Fire Season Lasting Longer Then Usual

As we've noticed, the fire season in California and Oregon are starting earlier and lasting longer. This is caused by the lack of rain and the world temperature increasing. Longer and harsher conditions are affecting our living conditions and out health as the smoke is hanging around longer. I'm trying to cut down on my own carbon footprint but what else can we do about this?

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Rowan54   2021-10-07 12:53:46
California Wildfires

One persistent problem we face on the west coast, especially northern california is wildfires and extreme heat. They are quite seriously impacted our lives, during fire season we cant even go outside sometimes. During the summer the heat waves also prevent us from going outside. Something serious needs to be done and fast, earth becoming uninhabitable is not something in the near future, it is happening now.

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Nastaran   2021-10-07 12:39:36

Extreme weather or extreme climate events includes unexpected, unusual, severe, or unseasonal weather; weather at the extremes of the historical distribution—the range that has been seen in the past. Often, extreme events are based on location's recorded weather history and defined as lying in the most unusual ten percent.

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clarkc2969   2021-10-07 10:21:17 (Last post: 2021-10-07 10:26:37)
Extreme Weather

I think that we should also focus on natural disasters more as well. There are many problems like world hunger, however natural disasters can be just as devastating too. Losing your home is worse that not having food in some cases, so safety proofing the area should be a priority. For example, in California earthquake proofing the area is good, however we could also prevent wildfires if humans didn't do such reckless things.

2PU3590T7   2021-10-07 10:26:37

What can people do to proof against other natural disasters besides earthquakes and wildfires, like hurricanes or tornadoes?

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Ella Owen   2021-10-06 14:55:03


Imagine living in California waking up, and looking out the window to a apocalyptic sky, smoke everywhere barely being able to see 40 feet in front of you, this is what is like for me, and many other people. Hurricanes, fires, tornados, and rising sea levels,all of these worsening due to greenhouse gasses caused by our carbon footprint. If we continue how we are going right now, Florida could be underwater by 2050, we need to try as much as we possible can to limit the amount of greenhouse gasses we admit, although it is impossible for some people to do, if we don't are kids and are grandkids won't be able to have the life we have now.

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shrimps07   2021-10-06 13:58:28
Fires and Extreme Heat in Northern California

It's been extremely hot on the west coast lately. Every day from June to September is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit/37.7 degrees Celsius. The heat causes a lot of fires, and sometimes it is so smoky the sun looks red and there is ash everywhere. This makes me concerned for my sister who has asthma. We need to do something about climate change now.

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Thaddeus12   2020-09-30 09:09:30 (Last post: 2021-10-04 20:01:24)
cause of extreme weather

Is the sharp increase in temperature to blame for extreme weather or is simply that there is an increase in temperature that causes the weather.

javimadrid   2021-01-12 01:51:01

The sharp increase in temperature is causing irreparable damage that in a few years will trigger major problems.

arliec   2021-02-19 18:31:31

The sharp increase in temperature isn't the only thing to blame for our extreme weather, we need to think of who is warming our plant. We as humans burn too many fossil fuels which in result is releasing tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and yet we think "oh the plants can absorb it and release oxygen back out to us." But the reality is that the plants can if we weren't cutting them all down, about each second an acre of forest is cleared away due to deforestation to raise cattle. And our oceans can absorb carbon dioxide but the sea waters are now getting to a point where they are so acidic that they can dissolve shells. So we can't just be putting all the blame of extreme weather on increasing temperature if we are the ones causing it.

K-Gauthier   2021-10-04 20:01:24

The sharp increase in temperature may be the cause of our extreme weather, but we are still responsible. Deforestation, burning and mining for fossil fuels and other human activity release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon traps heat in the atmosphere which causes it to warm up.

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