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Reuse & Repurpose

It's very tempting to throw things away or even drop them in a recycling bin when we are done with them. Is there a better way?

Share your ideas for extending the “lives” of the items that we buy and use, and their packaging as well!

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Reuse & Repurpose

Recent posts:

Ben Mark   Yesterday 10:16:22
Reusing and Recycling

There are many items that people use in everyday life that can be reused or recycled. For instance, both plastic bags and plastic water bottles can easily be reused. In addition, many other commodities, such as paper, can be recycled. Also, both leftover food and yard waste can be composted. All of these actions benefit the environment.

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tekykofi   2021-10-15 12:37:03 (Last post: 2021-10-15 22:44:52)
Reuse and Repurpose

Instead of throwing away or recycling our trash, we could try, trash burning. Trash burning would greatly reduce the amount of space in that garbage takes up in Landfills.

Ben Mark   2021-10-15 22:44:52

Burning trash might reduce the space it takes up in landfills, but it also causes air pollution, which contributes to global warming.

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Ben Castillo   2021-10-15 19:35:22
Start using reuseable bottles

In the oceans theirs tons of plastic and its effecting the animals. How about instead of using plastic bottles, we use reusable bottles. This wont only help the environment but it will also save money, instead of buying a case of plastic bottles you have 1 durable bottle.

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Inna. L   2021-10-07 12:42:01 (Last post: 2021-10-15 15:48:48)
Get chickens

Reuse and repurpose. Get chickens, give all your leftover food to them, let them eat your grass instead of mowing it, keep them away from your tomatoes, it reuses your leftover food and gives you eggs which you don't have to buy anymore

Nastaran   2021-10-07 12:56:06

I absolutely agree that chickens are good because they give us food like fiber in the form of eggs, meat, and feathers.

Samostav   2021-10-15 08:32:40

I agree with this, but chickens do poop a lot, and the smell is terrible. Where would you throw all the trash away?

wald07   2021-10-15 15:48:48

well you do have a point, chickens are super useful for multiple circumstances

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Horit   2021-10-15 08:59:43
reuse and repurpose

Instead of just throwing things out or recycling them, we could just reuse them at home. If you end up with an empty container or plastic bag, instead of just recycling it you just put it to use in your own house.

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ENST   2021-10-15 08:59:23
How we could possibly reduce stuff being thrown away or recycled

To reduce the amount of trash we throw away or materials we recycle, there are some things we can do. Some of those things include using reusable water bottles, composting, use reusable grocery bags, avoid single-use containers, etc.

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Sufian   2021-10-15 08:35:05
Reuse and Repurpose

We should reuse stuff like water bottles, plastic bags. The fossil fuels are being burned in order to create these things. Plastic bottles end up in the ocean. This creates toxic that affect fish and all of marine life.

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katherinefc   2021-10-08 20:36:01 (Last post: 2021-10-15 08:34:56)

Instead of throwing away old clothing, you can donate it to different organizations or thrift stores. This can also be said for buying new clothing. Thrift stores are a great sustainable option. There are also apps like Depop and websites like thredUP where you can find recycled clothing. If a piece of clothing is too old/worn out to be donated, you can always use it as a cleaning rag.

Samostav   2021-10-15 08:34:56

Yeah, most people just throw it away when there are people who don't have clothing while we're throwing it away. How could we notify more people about this, so people actually contributed?

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natfr0g   2021-10-14 19:50:26
Single Use Plastic

One of the most difficult things to try to reuse or repurpose is single use plastic, though the easy way out is just recycling it (which is still encouraged), single use plastic doesn't have to be single use. First off some single use plastics I wouldn't recommend reusing is silverware since you can unfortunately not sanitize it. I think that the best single use plastics you could reuse is plastic bags and plastic containers for food. They are both so versatile and really don't need to be single use until they are too worn out. What are some ways you reuse or repurpose single use plastics?

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JoeyNolfo   2021-10-10 20:17:21 (Last post: 2021-10-14 14:39:54)
Plastic bags

I think a big contributor to our climate and our polluted oceans is plastic. Plastic is constantly used as a one time use item. So how can we help turn plastics into multi use items? One way is by reusing our plastic bags so we don't have to buy more of them. Using a container to store them is one of the best ways to reuse, and stop pollution that I have found.

clarkc2969   2021-10-11 10:51:34

This is true, and I think a way California has helped is now they charge for using plastic bags in stores. However, completely reusing would be extremely hard to do, reusable things like metal water bottles can be quite expensive compared to the plastic water bottle alternative.

lopezm3954   2021-10-14 14:39:54

Although I agree with the fact that using a reusable plastic container to prevent further pollution, I think there are more efficient ways to accomplish this goal. An example is that maybe it should be mandatory for stores or public-use buildings to have a recycling bin. Another way to prevent pollution could be having schools require a certain amount of hours of community service which could be effective for more than just plastics. Although these examples are much bigger in scale than what you were going for, I think that if a difference is wanted that we should take bigger action.

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lusap789   2021-10-13 09:35:13
We should recycle more

Recycling has a big benefit on our environment. It is basically reviving materials while saving money. We can save materials by recycling instead of throwing them away and going to landfills. If we don't, it could lead to pollution and an unhealthy environment.

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Julian James-Jardines   2021-10-09 01:50:35
Stop using one time plastics and if so put them in the recycle bin

Using one time plastics is harmful to us humans and also to our fellow life on this earth. If you don't think it affects you that's maybe because you can't see it. As we put plastic in the ocean it biodegrades and gets so small to where you can't see it. Please try to use Reusable items. Sometimes you can't use a reusable item then try your best to through it in the recycle.

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SophieF   2021-10-08 23:31:47
Reuse & Repurpose.

As humans, it is inevitable to not cause any sort of trash or waste, but one way we can help reduce waste is by reusing and repurposing them. A common phrase that I go by is: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Reuse plastics, glass bottles, cups, bags, etc. Reduce the amount of single-use plastics that you buy. And if you can’t reduce or reuse the waste- recycle plastics, paper, and glass. Fulfill every chance you get to take something that could turn into waste and repurpose it.

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Inna. L   2021-10-08 21:05:03
Thrift shopping and hand me downs

I know I mentioned this in a reply, but I think this idea is quite underrated and unused. A lot of times, you can find a lot more clothing and items in stores that you are interested in then if you go shopping in stores for brand new clothing. I think you can find a lot more style and new types of styles that you've never seen before and be more open for other designs than the ones that most stores are limited too. These types of stores are really not bad at all, we were all just brought up to think that way, a lot of the clothes are practically new and clean, you can also clean it if you'd like. Also siblings clothings are also not that bad, I find myself really liking my siblings style and their clothes are still good to wear. This way, you can limit the amount of new items and clothing you need to buy and reuse more things.

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Brilliance   2021-10-08 17:11:05 (Last post: 2021-10-08 18:23:29)
Reuse & Repurpose

Plastic at first seemed completely harmless and humans mostly saw plastic for its purpose, whether it’s making bottles to contain liquids to industrial machinery. Now, plastics are in the ocean from humans not recycling used plastic. This leads to the plastic ending up in oceans to be eaten by ocean life which can kill them. Recycling and finding a new purpose for used plastic is the only way we can preserve sea life and keep our water, which humans need to SURVIVE, clean.

Farah14   2021-10-08 18:23:29

We NEED to start recycling and stop throwing plastic in the ocean. It is not only harmful for animals but it can be harmful for us if it ended up being in the water that we drink.

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adb3012   2021-10-06 14:43:15 (Last post: 2021-10-08 16:34:35)
Reuse & Repurpose

We need to stop buying always new clothes and especially new clothes you dont need, you can buy very high quality clothes at thrift shops.

PatrickE   2021-10-07 12:46:19

I agree with this because clothes can last a long time and the packaging for new ones usually gets sent to landfills.

Ella Owen   2021-10-07 13:17:34

I agree with this, We need to limit our buying of new things, especially if were able to, i do wish though you could have added something about fast fashion and how if you have money if you could buy from sustainable stores!

Skyter41   2021-10-07 13:29:29

Yes, this is a good idea.  New clothes are a big contributor to Carbon Emissions because they have to:
1.Get made in a factory, which pollutes the air
2. Get shipped to the store, in a truck or plane, which even further pollutes the air,
3. Replace old clothes which are most likely not recyclable and end up in landfill.

Buying used clothes OR not buying new clothes at all will greatly reduce emissions.

mubirub8772   2021-10-07 13:35:55

This is true, there are cheaper options available, which cost way less for us, and the environment's health.

Lea9610   2021-10-07 13:48:03

I definitely agree with this argument. It is extremely easy to buy secondhand clothes rather than new ones, and it also affects the environment in a positive way.

Mohammad Shirzad   2021-10-07 16:03:37

I agree with this but if people really want new clothes they can either donate the clothes to a charity or sell the clothes so that they could be used by other people and not go to waste.

Nivlac   2021-10-08 16:34:35

I agree with this to an extent. I say this because there are some things that you just can’t get used, at least in my opinion. Some examples would be underclothes, sweatsuits, and certain types of hats. Some things, however, I think you should never get new. An example of these would be belts.

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Lea9610   2021-10-07 19:13:17

As our oceans become increasingly polluted with plastic, we, as humans, have the responsibility of trying to prevent more from reaching our oceans. Plastic in our oceans have always been, and still are, a huge problem. They kill our marine life, pollute our water, etc. Although the best method of preventing plastic from reaching our oceans is to not use it at all, there are still a few easier ways. For example, by reusing and repurposing the plastic that you already have, you are already buying less plastic (since you are reusing it) and you are disposing of less plastic. You could also recycle the plastic so that it doesn't end up in landfills. These small and easy changes positively affects the world we live in.

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TigerOnline   2021-10-07 18:23:58
Plastic waterbottles = cars

Plastic greatly contributes to the carbon footprint, with around 6kg of CO2 being produced per 1 kg of plastic being used. This will gradually build up when more and more plastics are being produced, therefore we should find methods for reusing the plastic wastes. Thankfully, plastic is recyclable and reusable, so many car companies have been using it to create parts for automobiles. Smart methods like these should be applied more in the world to protect our environment and to protect ourselves from melting as a result of climate change.

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JaxxD   2021-10-07 12:56:02

Recycling helps the planet a lot. Even if you don't have multiple bins for different types of recycling it is always good to at least have on and turn it into a habit. Create good habits young to have good habits when you are older. My family has 3 different bins for recycling. It really helps out the environment.

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Anastasia575   2021-10-07 12:51:22

I don't think we'll be able to stop using plastic but I think we should use reusable items and not where you use it one time and throw it out. It creates unnecessary waste and too much energy spent on recycling it.

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ahmedibrahim   2021-10-07 12:26:29
How come we can't purchase used items and recycle?

We don't need to buy newer items when they still provide and are suitable for your needs. If they break we can always find a new purpose for them or recycle them.

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theimposter   2021-10-07 11:26:23
If you use plastic bags, attempt to use them multiple times.

In my family, we reuse plastic bags as much as we can. If we get one to hold our groceries with, we'll use it to store other items that need to be kept in a bag for as long as possible. Then, if we really need them, we'll use them for scooping cat poop & throwing it out. You can find ways to reuse your plastic bags and make them last a little longer.

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Moffatm1295   2021-10-07 11:23:35
Reuse and Repurpose

I think that a lot of people have gotten used to this modern way of living where use as much energy as we want and aren't conscious of how much we are affecting the environment, but I think that if everyone becomes a little more aware of how to lower their carbon footprint it will make a difference. For example, some small way to reuse and repurpose is to start your own compost pile! Just by composting your food waste, you can lower the amount of waste that is going into our landfills and the compost made from leftover food waste improves soil health and is better for gardening soil.

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izzyands   2021-10-07 11:14:06
Reusing plastic containers

Millions and millions of pounds of plastic are taken out of the ocean each year. A lot of this is because of us humans not recycling or reusing plastic containers. You can get a container of marshmallow fluff and use all of it then throw it away because it has been used. But you can also buy the product, finish it, and then reuse the container for other foods or items in general. The same thing goes with any of other product that comes in a plastic container. You would 1, be saving money and 2, be helping out the environment.

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