News from May 2020

May 21, 2020

Sweeping Aside the Clouds: The Wisdom behind Indigenizing Evidence-Based Health Programs for Elders

Becky Bendixen is a Tribal Program Specialist at the Northwest Regional Council and the co-creator of the health intervention program Wisdom Warriors. She generously shares the story driving her passion to improve the health and wellbeing of Elders and of Native communities more broadly. It is one of heartbreak, healing, and the power of connecting to Unangam traditional culture and dance.

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May 12, 2020

Wicked Diseases, Advocacy, and Gifts, Oh My! 

My Journey from Disease into Advocacy powered by P.R.I.S.M and P.U.S.H. By community member Kevin Kvarda 

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May 07, 2020

Visit the new website of the UW Medicine Huntington’s Disease Society of America HDSA’s Center of Excellence

The new website provides patients and families with resources, genetics 101, links to clinical trials, events, and HD research - and a blog called "Dr. Bird's Nest." The HDSA Center of Excellence at the UW Medical Center is led by the MBWC's Dr. Suman Jayadev, MD and Dr. Thomas Bird, MD.

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May 03, 2020

The Power of an Active Lifestyle to Boost Cognitive Resilience – Even for Those at High Genetic Risk

A new study out of the ALLFTD consortium suggests that a life full of light exercise and hobbies may slow disease progression, even for those who inherited gene mutations that cause frontotemporal dementia.

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