News from February 2022

February 18, 2022

Group Haiku by the Gathering Place

Members of the Gathering Place collectively wrote these haikus to describe some of their most salient experiences receiving medical care and the challenging emotions that arose for them through their experiences living with dementia.

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February 02, 2022

Discoveries Made Possible By You - Spring 2022

Explore some of the studies that used data from research participants in the UW ADRC or the Adult Changes in Thought Study and were made possible in part by funding from the National Institute on Aging.

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February 01, 2022

Dimensions Magazine - Winter/Spring 2022

Explore the new edition of Dimensions Magazine!

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Do Microglia Cells Hold the Key to Understanding Personal Genetic Risk in Alzheimer’s Disease?

A team led by ADRC's Jessica Young, PhD and Suman Jayadev, MD are working to document how the biology of microglia and neurons is disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease patients. The researchers want to understand how an individual’s genetic background influences their own disease process, and ultimately, how they may respond to targeted treatments.

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