Service Line Logos

The UW Medicine brand architecture includes logo lock-ups for the primary service lines that comprise UW Medicine. These “sub-brand” lock-ups directly link our service line clinical excellence with the UW Medicine umbrella brand, creating a strong connection between both. 

All service and department lines’ logo color for outward-facing brand communications is black or white. When reversing the logo, the preference is to reverse a white logo out of the primary purple or black palette. Colors within the color palette may be used in cases where purple or black is not available or is not the best fit (e.g., T-shirts, hats, banners, etc.)

These logo lock-ups should only be used on communications directly tied to the service line. For communications that involve more than one service line, the master UW Medicine logo should be used.

Co-branded Partnership Logo
You must obtain permission from the UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications team before using a co-branded partnership logo lock-up. Please contact for co-branded logo guidance and permission. 

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