In 2019 the UW School of Medicine’s WWAMI logo was updated to better represent the relationship between the medical school and its partner Universities in the states it serves: Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. In addition to the master lock-up, state-specific logos were created to give more autonomy to each WWAMI state’s program.

If you have questions about the logo files, or guidance for usage, please contact uwmmktg@uw.edu. Please direct all other questions related to the new WWAMI brand to Kim Blakeley, Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications for the UW School of Medicine: krb13@uw.edu.

Size requirements

The minimum width of the WWAMI logo lock-up to maintain readability is 1.5” wide.


The preferred colors for the master mark and the individual state marks are the school colors of our partner Universities: Gonzaga University (WA), University of Wyoming, University of Alaska Anchorage, Montana State University, and the University of Idaho.

University of Washington PMS 2685 HEX #4b2e83 CMYK 93,100,18,21 RGB 51,0,111
Gonzaga University PMS 282 HEX #041E42 CMYK 100,90,13,68 RGB 4,30,66
University of Idaho PMS 116 HEX #F1B300 CMYK 0,27,100,0 RGB 241,179,0
University of Wyoming PMS 476 HEX #492f24 CMYK 53,72,77,57 RGB 73,47,36
Montana State University PMS 281 HEX #003f7f CMYK 100,85,5,36 RGB 0,63,127
University of Alaska Anchorage PMS 343 HEX #00583d CMYK 98,0,72,61 RGB 0,88,61

Unacceptable usage

State Logo

Size requirements

The minimum width of the state logo lock-up to maintain readability is 1.5” wide.

Unacceptable usage

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