Our Brand

For UW Medicine, our brand is the framework we use to showcase some of the world’s most innovative educators, researchers and clinicians; groundbreaking discoveries; and our dedication to patient-centered care. Our brand is the public stage we use to communicate the heart and soul of our UW Medicine philosophy.

Our mission

UW Medicine is an integrated academic health system with a core mission to improve the health of the public through discovery, training the next generation of professionals, and the care we provide to our patients.

Our heritage

Improving health for all people is our calling. Our dedication to medicine is what attracted us to a leading academic health system. Here, we are immersed in a culture of constant innovation and excellence in patient care, education and research, allowing us to improve health and the human condition at both the individual and worldwide levels.

Our philosophy

UW Medicine’s philosophy is built on a foundation of interdisciplinary collaboration in research, teaching, clinical care and professional services.

Our role

UW Medicine’s role is to advance medical knowledge; prepare the next generation of physicians, scientists and other healthcare professionals; and provide outstanding primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary medical care for every patient, every time.

Our personality

Innovative. Collaborative. Caring. Transparent. Confident.

Our promise

As the only academic health system in the five-state region, UW Medicine advances scientific discovery and training for the next generation of healthcare professionals while providing the highest quality and most comprehensive and collaborative care that improves health and well-being for all people.

Our emotional connection

UW Medicine is the most comprehensive health system in the region, supported by its people, world-renowned expertise and institutions in advancing the health and well-being of patients in the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

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