Harborview/UW Medicine/King County Logo

The Harborview/UW Medicine/King County logo is a lock-up representing the relationship between the clinical services provided by UW Medicine and the ownership of the facility by King County.

The preferred color for the lock-up of these three logos is the gray background behind the Harborview text, and the purple bar behind the UW Medicine and King County logos. The Harborview/UW Medicine/King County logo lock-up should not be used with the UW Medicine/Harborview Medical Center organizational lock-up. To get the logo file and well as guidance for usage, contact uwmmktg@uw.edu

Co-branded Partnership Logo
You must obtain permission from the UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications team before using a co-branded partnership logo lock-up. Please contact uwmmktg@uw.edu for co-branded logo guidance and permission.

The “Harborview Medical Center” text always appears in the gray box.
A clear area equivalent to the height of the Harborview text must surround the logo.
The UW Medicine and King County logos appear within the purple bar.

When a grayscale version is needed, the purple bar is changed to black.

Logo color palette

PMS 2685 C HEX #32006e CMYK 93,100,18,21 RGB 50,0,110
PMS 428 C HEX #5d348b CMYK 79,96,6,1 RGB 93,52,139
PMS 432 C HEX #333D47 CMYK 78,64,53,44 RGB 51,61,71
Black HEX #000000 CMYK 0,0,0,100 RGB 0,0,0

Size requirements

The minimum width of the HMC UW/KC logo lock-up to maintain readability is 1.5” wide.

Tagline restrictions

The UW Medicine tagline, “a higher degree of healthcare,” should not be locked-up with the HMC UW/KC logo. The tagline is only to be used with the master UW Medicine logo.

Unacceptable usage

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