Organizational Logos

The UW Medicine brand architecture includes logo lock-ups for the family of organizations (entities) that comprise UW Medicine. These “sub-brand” lock-ups directly link our clinical, research and educational organizations with the UW Medicine umbrella brand, creating a strong connection between both. 

These logo lock-ups should only be used on communications directly tied to the organization. For communications that involve more than one organization, the master UW Medicine logo should be used.

Co-branded Partnership Logo
You must obtain permission from the UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications team before using a co-branded partnership logo lock-up. Please contact for co-branded logo guidance and permission.

Harborview Medical Center

The default logo to use for all Harborview public-facing communications is the one that has Harborview/UW Medicine/King County in it. More information about this logo can be found here. The UW Medicine/Harborview organizational logo shown below should only be used on communications that are patient directed, such as patient education or clinical services communications. If you are unsure which logo to use, please contact UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications at  

Valley Medical Center

UW Medical Center

UW Medicine Primary Care

UW Physicians

UW School of Medicine

Airlift Northwest

In 2019, Airlift Northwest launched a new logo to optimize brand recognition and better reflect the high level of care that it offers. For market reasons, and like the prior logo, this new logo is not tied into the UW Medicine umbrella. For more information about the Airlift Northwest brand, see the Airlift Northwest Brand Guide and Summary.

Unacceptable usage of UW Medicine organizational logo lock-ups

Inconsistent use of the UW Medicine organizational logo lock erodes recognition and brand equity. The following examples illustrate logo lock-ups that do not meet UW Medicine brand guidelines. This standard should be applied across UW Medicine.

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