Miles Labitzke

Miles Labitzke


An Introduction to Contemporary Art



This course provides a broad introduction to global contemporary art. Focusing on work produced since 1989, the course is divided into themes based on the ideas and issues to which artists are responding. Hands-on art projects augment lectures and reinforce the concepts covered in class.



Miles Labitzke is an artist and educator living in Everett. He works in the art department at Everett Community College as the Printmaking Instructor, Studio Art Technician, and Director of the Russell Day Gallery.



  • Master of Arts, Art History, University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art, Western Washington University



  • Adair Rounthwaite (Art History)
  • Marek Wieczorek (Art History)
  • Stuart Lingo (Art History)
  • Miles Labitzke with Christo('s sculpture)
  • The Usual Suspects by Cat Man
  • EvCC Art Logo by Miles Labitzke