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Think Big

Now that we see what our collective and personal impact is on the planet, let's think big!

What big and bold ideas do you have for reducing personal, community, country and even global carbon footprints?

Use this space to develop and discuss your big ideas! Who knows- maybe one of these ideas can be the next key solution to the global climate challenge!

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Think Big

Recent posts:

LeftOverSalmon0   Yesterday 20:34:31
Reducing Carbon Footprint #3

If we reduce the amount of food we eat and how often we get the food we can reduce the carbon footprint by a lot. A couple ways are growing some of our own food and purchasing less food when we shop or purchasing more food in one big trip to cut down on transportation as well.

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Vikitoria   2021-03-18 05:24:09 (Last post: 2021-10-10 19:54:57)
Contribute in a small way to do something big

Hi! Im here because i want to tell you about the pollution in the world and how you can help to save it!
All we nkow that there is a lot of pollution on the world and each day gets worse. But do you think you can do something??
The world is very big. About 7700 million people or more live in it! But, you can contribute in a small way doing things like recycling (paper, plastic, bottles, etc.) use renewable energy, eat local products, or using public transport...
Think about more things you can do to help and reduce your carbon footprint and help with your small way!!!
I hope this help you to understand all we can help to save the world.

terezija   2021-05-19 11:04:16

Yes, I totally agree! Together we can do so much...And you know how they say..."Big things have small beginnings." So, why wouldn't we all gather and help our big home, our planet Earth! ●'◡'●

kris22   2021-09-26 11:54:45

It’s true that each little action we do on a daily basis contribute to the protection of our planet, some people think that it is useless but if we act together then it will slow down the production of carbon and therefore keep our planet as long as possible.

Ashtree   2021-10-10 19:54:57

I also agree that doing a small thing such as recycling can turn into something bigger. Lots of people believe that these small things don't really matter because they don't make a big difference. But if everyone on Earth consistently reduces their carbon footprint, even by a little, a huge difference will be made.

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mattihjii   2021-10-04 07:43:34 (Last post: 2021-10-09 00:21:33)
stop using papers in school

stop using papers in school

zobaku   2021-10-07 23:42:24

The halt of paper-printing in schools could definitely work as long as there is access to computers and other technology. If a school did have access to these things, not using printed papers could be a great way to introduce and become accustomed to the act of giving up a material for the sake of the planet.

Ghostyad   2021-10-08 01:47:02

However, in some country, due to fear of abusing technology. The ideals of taking digital note is unlikely to be widely adopted.

bwheat   2021-10-08 08:54:15

I think that this is seeming more and more achievable now after online school. It is possible since we digitally submitted everything for the last year, but it is hard with test taking and math classes to make that work. Also, just emphasizing the importance of recycling paper when we do use it.

LiliroseL   2021-10-09 00:21:33

This sounds like a good idea in theory, but in many low income schools and communities it is difficult to have the funds to purchase computers and other technology for all students to access/utilize in order to take notes and do worksheets.

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Diego Berber   2021-10-08 16:42:48
Think on how we as a community can help the environment.

Our world is going through something it has not been gone through before. We are seeing the effects of climate change and it is only get worst every year. I believe that we as a community of human beings can try and do something to at least not worsen the situation. I think we should all try and reduce our greenhouse emissions as much as possible. We can do this by using less plastic, use our heaters or A/C's only when we really need to and so on.

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Anastasia575   2021-10-08 14:10:00

Plastic over all is bad and we should reduce our usage of it and replace it with more reusable rather than have single use plastics.

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zobaku   2021-10-07 23:34:27
Attitudes toward customary living standards

I think it would be very beneficial if we could integrate sustainable materials and household utilities into our customary standard of living. Through time, certain appliances have been introduced to the public, and once their use proved to be extremely helpful, we never turned back, and regarded their use as a necessity, or something relatively close to it (at least in the majority of households and facilities in some countries including the one I live in). We have and can survive without plumbing systems, lightbulbs, and refrigerators in our dwellings, but they are commonplace due to the benefits they provide. For example, refrigerators are not absolutely crucial to us, and food can be stored in other ways, but they help food last longer and contribute to a sanitary life. So, what about something like solar panels? - Their use compared to other energy sources decrease carbon footprints, and they contribute to a decrease in climate change, and a better environment, which does affect our lives. If we held the condition of the environment to the same regard as convenience, things like solar panels and sustainable materials would be much more prevalent and expected.

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Kurisu   2021-10-07 21:29:16
Solar Panels

Solar Panels can be a good investment, it doesn't produce air pollution nor greenhouse gases like other things. Solar panels goes off of the solar energy and that has a positive effect on the environment. It also reduces the usage of natural resources/fossil fuels. The only problem is that they're to expensive for people to afford and we also need those greenhouse gases.

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akhavane0593   2021-10-07 20:57:53
ways have a better footprint

I believe there are several ways to reduce the global carbon footprint; here are a few of my suggestions. From a young age, we should teach children how to reduce their carbon footprint so that they can continue to practice these practices throughout their lives. I also feel it would be a good idea to identify countries like India or China that are having trouble reducing their carbon footprint so that we can provide more assistance to them. The most crucial step in reducing your carbon footprint is to figure out how you contribute the most, so you can adjust your habits and reduce the global carbon footprint.

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Carlos Armenta Ruiz   2021-10-07 14:45:12 (Last post: 2021-10-07 18:41:16)
More Electric Cars and Less Gasoline Cars

The future is getting closer each time and their should be more electric cars for the human population to use, to have a better effect for our environment and health. I know that there are many gasolines cars that are fun to watch like their reving engine but we should know that they have a big impact in a carbon footprint. I myself prefer gasoline cars because I enjoy them, but it is better to have electric car and there is already predictions that by 2040 half of all passenger vehicles sold will be electric.


TigerOnline   2021-10-07 18:41:16

Yes electric cars are very nice, I agree Mr. Ruiz, they eliminate a lot of the detrimental aspects posed by gasoline cars. Not just improving the environment as a whole, it also works almost exactly like gasoline cars, if not better, like the self-driving system built into it so people are less likely to make dumb mistakes when driving. Thank goodness Mr. Musk is making electric cars available on a large scale.

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Robynn.   2021-02-19 15:47:51 (Last post: 2021-10-07 17:05:49)
More learning in schools

Reducing our carbon footprint is something we need to do urgently. It is something every student should be passionate about. In order to do this, I think we must learn about the effect it has on our future. Maybe if professionals came into schools or a regular basis the message would get across.

Mimi47   2021-02-19 16:38:38

Yes I agree that it is very important to discuss climate change in schools to be able to push for change. Especially since younger generations are the ones who are most likely going to be able to change the world. In order to do this we need to find new more engaging ways to educate people and students. I think this because I find that many people have heard of climate change and don’t want to again when it’s something that we can’t just ignore. I think having people like you said come into schools and start up projects that bring awareness about this issue would be more effective because, it lets students explore the topic in a different way while still being able to educate others.

makstomljenovic   2021-02-19 17:11:12

i see where you are going a i think that also. we should be learning more about it because are parents don’t go to school we do so we can learn about it an teach are parents and they can start a change

pzoe (canada)   2021-02-19 17:20:30

I also agree that we should implement more lectures about climate change-related issues (like the increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere) in education systems worldwide. Like user Mimi47, I have also noticed that not everyone is the most knowledgeable about the topic of climate change. I myself did not know much about what climate change really is, what causes it, and how it affects everyone and everything on this planet until recently. Most people seem to have the basic idea and even false ideas (for some) of what climate change is. However, I think basic knowledge about this topic is not enough. Everyone should know that our individual actions are causing climate change to occur at a faster rate. We should all be educated about how we can help reduce the negative effects of our daily activities on the environment. Learning about how we can take action and actually execute it can lead to change for the better. I believe that we should all be aware of this issue to a certain degree. Educating the youth is a good place to start because we still have many years ahead of us to fix the wrongs of the generations prior to ours. We can also make a bigger impact by the influence of social media to spread more information about climate change.

2nfIII   2021-09-28 10:32:46

i agree but i also think that it might be hard to schedule and hard for children of younger ages to understand

Sand James   2021-09-28 10:38:56

Completely agree, the generation that is in school right now are going to be the ones to really make a change with the climate crisis, they are the ones that need to be educated at a very early age.

NiCkwe   2021-09-28 11:18:37

I agree that it should be an important discussion in schools because one of the main reason we haven't acted already is the lack of education on this topic.

carolynrreid   2021-09-28 11:20:36

I agree, the people that we are teaching now are the people who are the ones that will be able to make a change, and if we teach them how to make a change then we can help slow down climate change.

PHoldenGoldsmithCanada   2021-10-01 15:05:46

I agree as well, there is a lack of education about climate change. I feel privileged to be able to learn about climate change but it should not be privilege it should be a right. Especially for the people that are going to grow up and have to find solutions to climate change like me. I think that teachers should also learn more about climate change if possible so that they do not need to invite specialists because even though that would be cool on occasion I think that climate change education should be incorporated on an every day basis. I also think that it should not be up to the students to have to do all the research for themselves. Of course if the students want to do research on their own that is great but the teachers ad parents should help them find reliable information.

harmony.c(canada)   2021-10-02 10:46:54

i 100% agree with all of you. climate change is such an important issue and yet students are not getting enough education about it. with the lack of education, many students will continue doing certain actions without acknowledging that those actions are harmful and are one of the major reasons why our planet is suffering. students who wants to help fight climate change may not even know where to start as they never learned or discussed this topic at school. Its important for students in my generation to learn about climate change because in my opinion, we can make a huge improvement if we all have the same goal to improve our planet for the better.

CGoodison (Canada)   2021-10-02 11:04:26

I agree with you, I believe it is really important to be educated about climate change. Like it's been said above I feel privileged to be learning about climate change and I feel everyone should get an opportunity to learn about it too. We share this planet with 7 billion other human beings and not only some of them should learning about this stuff. If we are going to work together to stop climate change everyone should be educated about what is happening and what they can do. Also like what is said above some people might not know what they are doing is negativly impacting the environment because of a lack of education.

Sasha Gibbs-Pearce (Canada)   2021-10-02 12:49:03

Imagine what our current situation would be like if our parents or even their parents where taught about climate change in school. I feel one of the biggest reasons the problem we have seems so unsolvable is because we have been working up to it for so long. imagine having climate rallies and widespread clime change education in the 1930-1950's. Our current situation would be so different. I Think it would be an amazing idea to start implementing climate awareness into our education systems as soon as possible.

Q.Abc   2021-10-02 21:35:08

Yes, climate change is something that we have to teach more in-depth about in schools. I did not know how bad climate change was until I was actually taught about it in school, which I am very thankful of. This topic needs to be talked about more, it is almost like people are treating climate change as if we aren't starting to face the consequences of our actions and disasters all over the world are not caused or influenced in the slightest by climate change. We need to start by educating children on this topic, no matter what age. This is not something that is going to fix itself and we all have a role to play in this issue.

Pdiddle   2021-10-06 11:08:37

I believe that if we had been taught about environmental science/climate change during the previous generations, we would be at a much better spot right now. However, we didn't... so in order to make up for that, schools must emphasize the issue by teaching MULTIPLE classes. We should have not only have 1 class but many, so more students can join and learn about what they need to do. This is a serious issue, and more classes and resources to teach students and people about it will help.

Maddyyyyyyyy   2021-10-07 11:06:39

I completely agree with this post because the carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, and all of the many crisis that are happening within our ecosystem affects all of us and our future. if we dont begin to spread the message now, both us and our future generations will be in great danger, along with many organisms and our earth.

izzyands   2021-10-07 11:17:54

I agree with this. Us students are not always taught about Carbon Footprints, let alone ever hear about it. I am fifteen years old and in my freshman year of high school, I just now have found out about Carbon Footprints. I have never heard of them before and I view that as an issue. We should be taught and educated on this important topic because of the fact that our earth is potentially in danger. Learning and reflecting on this can help many, many students work on reducing our CF.

lopezm3954   2021-10-07 11:29:33

I agree with the thought of having more discussions regarding climate change and how we can prevent it. However, I think this plan could be more effective if schools also were forced to use clean energy that wouldn’t pollute the air. An even more effective route could be requiring a certain amount of hours of community service done regarding climate change in order to graduate from high school. While these are more effective ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it could anger people who are not interested in doing such tasks.

girlboss   2021-10-07 16:53:19

So true, besties. Educating kids in advance at a young age would have a greater impact and lead to them taking more action as adults. It would especially help emphasize that climate change is a long-term problem that can’t be ignored, even if we want to. I also agree with @lopezm3954 that community service relating to climate change should be required; even if some students don’t like it, they’ll have helped at least once, and it might spur other kids to take further action on their own.

Julie Chao   2021-10-07 17:05:49

Reducing carbon footprint is an urgent matter and something must be done to help reduce the damage that is already done. However, balancing 6 other subjects on top of this will be stressful on the kids.

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1234Jack4321   2021-10-07 16:38:52
Think Big

A idea for reducing the global carbon footprint of america is installing solar panels for powering all public facilities and for most small businesses, this would lower the global carbon footprint of america by a substantial amount.

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C5753   2021-10-07 13:43:47
Accessibility of Hydrogen fuel cell cars

A while ago, Hydrogen fuel cell cars were invented. They are powerful, as well as environmentally friendly, because they do not use gas. But why are more people not using them? They are just not accessible enough. There are only about 5 charging stations throughout California. We should start thinking of more ways to add these environmentally friendly cars to our lives by making them more accessible.

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Bryson D.   2021-10-07 12:55:09
Big Mac

I'm hungry

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malonesll2299   2021-10-07 11:31:30 (Last post: 2021-10-07 12:47:52)
Boats are useless

What percentage of people have been on a boat?

Inna. L   2021-10-07 12:28:10

Boats are crucial for product transportation, we can't just get rid of them, they are the ones that bring us all our food, clothes, personal items, they are (I think) cheaper and more efficient. Unless your talking about personal boats or cruise type boats

Anastasia575   2021-10-07 12:43:58

Yes, boats are bad for the environment, but they help us transport resources to the places we need. We also use them for military purposes.

Graeme   2021-10-07 12:47:52

Its not Us being on boats, its boats transporting 15,000-20,000 crates per trip. If you were to say "boats are useless" then I guess you wont get anything anymore i.e toilet paper, toys, computers, cars ect...

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Bijan   2021-10-07 12:46:45

Each person has to play their own role on helping the environment. Limiting food consummation and recycling helps limit a person's carbon foot print. Also using plug in cars and limiting traveling also helps to limit a person's carbon footprint. One by one, people contributing to lowering their carbon footprint will help lead to a more sustainable environment. Are planet has done so much for us, it is our turn to give it something in return.

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Jasmin0525   2021-10-07 10:25:56
More learning for Schools

I believe in schools we should be taught young how to reduce our carbon footprint and from a young age we are taught to recycle and not to waste the things we are blessed with. Also this way more people will be more aware and not think global warming is fake. We should be taught early in elementary school and do projects to reduce it instead of later on in middle school or high school.

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Unnar2904   2021-10-04 08:13:42 (Last post: 2021-10-04 15:53:29)
Think big

Produce less plastic

Antonio Esposito   2021-10-04 15:53:29

Equal to less CO2

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ivanbreki   2021-10-04 08:04:39
stop printing paper in school

stop printing paper in school

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sigurjon   2021-10-04 07:41:33
stop producing plastic

If the big plastic companies would stop producing plastic they would recycle the plastic in the ocean and clean it. The sea would be cleaner and the world would be a better place.

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DablBOD   2021-05-02 21:14:47 (Last post: 2021-10-03 06:15:58)
How to reduce the global carbon footprint.

I think there are various ways to decrease the global carbon footprint here are some of my ideas. We should teach kids ways to decrease the carbon footprint from a young age so they can use these habits they learned for the rest of their lives. I also believe a good idea would be to identify the countries like India or China that have difficulty decreasing their carbon footprint so we can give them extra help. The most important step to decreasing the carbon footprint is to identify how you most contribute to the carbon footprint so you can change your habits and lower the global carbon footprint.

fs235   2021-05-02 23:33:37

think big
in my opinion this is a very good topic to talk and think about. I think that this quote is true and very useful in real life in particular in the 'trip' that will finally reduce our carbon footprint. for sure we have to start from simple and daily actions to make a change but to make a very significant difference we have to make bigger decisions like stop use petrol-moved cars and in less or more 2 or 3 years use only eletric cars in order to save our beautiful planet. and what about you? what is your big thought that will save our planet?

Rihana   2021-10-03 06:15:58

The best way to reduce carbon footprint is to make people understood a global problem,and band together for making our nature as it was many years ago.

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Cap   2021-09-28 22:28:09
Voir grand

Habiter sur une petite île perdue au milieu de l'océan me faisait penser à tord que mon impact carbone allait être moindre comparé à celui des autres étudiants. Ici, nous réalisons de petites distances au quotidien et nous n'utilisons pas de chauffage en hiver. Néanmoins, un élément crucial nous rend plus polluants que le reste du monde: notre éloignement. Tout ce que nous achetons provient de l'extérieur qui est situé à des milliers de kilomètres de nous et transporté par bateau ou par avion. Voir notre famille nous impose de traverser deux océans, soit plus de 18000km, ce qui correspond à 18h d'avion. En conséquence, mon empreinte carbone est trois fois plus importante que l'empreinte carbone moyenne mondiale. L'urgence est là. Il nous faut travailler sur de nouveaux carburants pour nos transports. Les dégagements de kérosène ne sont plus acceptables et l'adoption de l'hydrogène comme nouveau carburant apparaît comme étant nécessaire et primordiale pour opérer de véritables changements.
Plus tard, j'aimerai me diriger vers le domaine du luxe car je suis intimement persuadée de la nécessité qui s'impose à nous de changer les choses dans les secteurs qui changent le moins, tel que les transports ou le luxe. Dès maintenant, il nous faut changer les règles quasiment ancestrales de ces secteurs pour les adapter à l'urgence de la crise climatique actuelle.

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Aya.S   2021-03-10 01:54:28 (Last post: 2021-09-28 10:35:49)
10 Most polluted countries in the world .

Data in tons of CO2 equivalent:

China: 9.800.000.000
India: 2.467.000.000
Russia: 1.693.000.000
Germany: 799.000.000
Iran: 672.000.00
Saudi Arabia: 635.000.000
South Korea: 616.000.000
Canada: 573.000.000

Lidia.alguazas   2021-03-11 01:45:59

well done Aya i love your idea.

hiba.afkir   2021-03-11 01:53:39

OMG is very terrible

Juan Antonio 2   2021-03-11 01:54:38

Hello Aya with these data, we will be able to make people aware that the contamination is very great.

2nfIII   2021-09-28 10:35:49

thank you this is helpful data

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2nfIII   2021-09-28 10:26:51
Think big

one idea is to create plastic alternatives out of compostable materials such as sunflower seed shells

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vlad9638   2021-02-25 01:14:27 (Last post: 2021-09-28 10:23:50)
Hi from Belarus


2nfIII   2021-09-28 10:23:50


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