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February 2001
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Archive for February, 2001

Doing it all in Jackson

Looking at residency, it’s Jackson where the breach between what I knew and what I felt I needed to know was widest. I’d wake up to a patient in the ICU and a few more on the wards, and expect to be a nephrologist of sorts, the critical care person, a medicine consultant for local […]

Oncology in Missoula

I was putting in a lot of hours, by my choice, because I was learning so much. The community doctors constantly impressed me with how good they were at everything. They were amazing diagnosticians. The oncologist I worked with, John Trauscht, was an outstanding teacher, and I loved his curiosity. John had a great way […]

Medicine in a small, small town

It was so hard to come back from Livingston. The place is so small that I got to know people from all walks of life, and I made incredible friends. Everybody has personal as well as professional connections with patients. The hospital is a tiny little place, with four ICU beds. Everyone at the hospital […]

Career plans in Cody

Cody at sunrise after camping on the Shoshone River the night before and my first thoughts were how beautiful the country is in the early morning and that I could definitely live there. Cody is a town of hard working blue-collar people, a lot of ranchers, and of course people were very friendly. It was […]

Taking care of the same patients for years

In my Seattle clinic, I usually feel I have one chance to fix a patient and all I’m doing is trying to get in the ballpark, so Dillon was so educational. It’s the only rotation where you’re in the same clinic every day, eight hours per day. The patients were ranchers and cowboys, tough guys […]