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Career plans in Cody

doug.jpgCody at sunrise after camping on the Shoshone River the night before and my first thoughts were how beautiful the country is in the early morning and that I could definitely live there. Cody is a town of hard working blue-collar people, a lot of ranchers, and of course people were very friendly. It was fun being geographically isolated, getting to practice true general medicine and take care of things specialists would take care of in bigger cities. We got the sickest patients in town. Every week, we spent a half-day in even smaller places – Powell, Meeteetse, Grable – and people appreciated us. I was already 100% interested in small town general medicine before Cody, because of rural rotations I did as a student at Colorado. In Cody, I learned I want to practice in a place with an established medical community, where internists work together and share call. I look forward to being in Soldotna in the spring, to see a medical practice with a reputation of being well run.