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August 2014
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5 star review of the ANMC rotation!

The WWAMI rotations are a big part of what make our residency program special, and I recommend prioritizing at least one of these experiences during training. The ANMC rotation is an incredible experience that I would recommend to all comers, particularly those interested in specialty medicine. The people who work at ANMC are delightful, and […]

Anchorage in the Summer!

Doesn’t get much better than Alaska in July/August when I was in Anchorage.  You get a sweet apartment that comes with a bed INCLUDED AND a rental car.  When I was there I split time between the hospitalists and the outpatient world.  My recommendation to people going there would be to skip the inpatient side […]

October in Anchorage

I spent this last October in Anchorage which was a great experience.  You are provided lodging in a modest apartment and a rental car.   October was a great time of the year to go, as it wasn’t too cold and there was no snow on the ground so exploring the surrounding areas was not […]

March in Anchorage

Still cold, but an amazing four weeks.  I highly recommend rotating at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage! Clinical rotation: You will be given a choice of (1) outpatient clinic, (2) inpatient medicine, or (3) ICU.  You can pick 2 of 3 if you want to mix/match.  I chose a mix of outpatient clinic […]

December in Alaska

Despite the negative five degree weather, snow, and a highly functional Kia Forte… this was an absolutely amazing rotation. I spent 4 weeks in the ICU working as a fairly independent entity with my own patients and responsibilities. The highlights of this were close interactions with the attending, making vent changes on your own, and the procedures. […]

Alaska Native Medical Center Aug/Sept 2012

I just got back from a month at ANMC in Anchorage.  I did 2 weeks of hospitalist and 2 weeks of outpatient clinics.  Like previous posters have said, you see a lot of cancer and alcohol-related complications on the inpatient side.  And it’s true that you can get exposure to EGDs and doing treadmills, if […]

anchorage, december 2010

My month in anchorage at the Alaska Native Medical Center was a really wonderful! Most of the nuts and bolts have been posted by Kanishka so I won’t belabor them. I went in December in the middle of my R2 year and despite being shorter days (yes there is about 7 hours of light at […]

Alaska Native Medical Center, Sept 2010.

Hi, this is Jason Goldman ( and I was at Alaska Native Medical Center, in Anchorage, AK during the Sept 2010 block. Looking back at Kanishka’s post, he pretty much said it all so I won’t reiterate all those details which are very accurate. I did the intensivist rotation, although they would be OK if […]

Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage, Sept 2009

Howdy, my name is Kanishka Garvin, and I’m currently an R3 and just finished my WWAMI rotation at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. It was a great experience and strongly encourage anyone interested to do it. The rotation had been primarily a hospitalist rotation, though now, they have opened opportunities for more critical […]

ANMC Anchorage 5/09

My name is Adam Corson and I was an R3 when I did my WWAMI month at Alaska Native Medical Center in 5/09.  This is a hospitalist rotation.  The town of anchorage has all the resources you need, but is somewhat laking in character/things to do.  Once outside of Anchorage, however, there is more outdoors things […]