The internal medicine group consists of several internists with a mix of practice styles: residents typically work primarily with one preceptor during the rotation. Residents will have the opportunity to follow inpatients at the nearby St. John’s Hospital and nursing home, do treadmills and other procedures, do housecalls, work with the ER physicians, and if desired may spend time with one of many world class orthopedic surgeons. ¬†Usual schedule is clinic 4 days/week with call/admitting responsibilities to be worked out with the preceptor.

Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons, sunrise from Glacier Point

Jackson is located at the foot of the Grand Tetons and is 2 hours from Yellowstone Park. Jackson Hole ski area is several miles away. Outdoor equipment (skis, snowshoes, mountain bikes, etc.) is not necessary but strongly recommended as opportunities to use it will be numerous.

Selected months only based on medical student schedule

Rural (8,000)

Contact info:
Primary Preceptor:
Dennis Butcher, MD

Residents who’ve been there lately:

  • Dan Doan
  • JP Maxwell
  • Jill Silvestrini
  • Jesse Abbott Klafter

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