Ketchikan is a fishing town in Southeast Alaska. Although it’s population of 15,000 isn’t that large, it’s the population center for its region and the hospital gets referrals from a lot of local villages and towns. The population expands in the summer because of tourism, particularly cruise traffic. It’s also home of the famous “Bridge to Nowhere” (which doesn’t exist) and “Road to Nowhere” (which does). Be sure to pick up a “Nowhere, Alaska 99901” T-shirt while you’re in town.

The rotation is based at PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center, and the primary preceptor is Peter Rice, MD. The rotation is designed on a rural health model–you’ll be doing everything from hospital to nursing home care, often in the same day. Recreation can be land or sea-based, as there’s both good hiking and lots of boating/fishing to be done.

Note that previous residents have said that Ketchikan’s credentialing and paperwork requirments are even more onerous than the usual State of Alaska madness–strongly suggest you get in touch with the site AT LEAST 3 months in advance to get started.

Summer preferred

Rural (15,000)

Contact info:
Primary Preceptor:
Peter Rice, MD

Residents who’ve been there lately:

  • Lynnea Mills

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