Alaska is big. Really big. The pushpins representing Anchorage and Soldotna on the map below are 2-3 hours apart by car during the summer, and you can’t drive to Ketchikan at all. Climate and geography varies substantially from site to site–see their individual pages for notes. At 663,000 people Alaska is 4th among the WWAMI states and 47th in the country in population.


Driving to Alaska is not recommended. Although it’s possible during the summer, it takes at least two days and road conditions can be variable. Alaska WWAMI sites provide cars or other means of in-town transportation. If you do drive, remember to bring your passport and proof of insurance as they will be required to cross through Canada.

Direct flights to Anchorage and Ketchikan are available from multiple carriers. Plan 3-4 hours flight time to Anchorage, 2-3 to Ketchikan. If flying to Soldotna, you’ll connect in Anchorage.

Alaska has the slowest, most onerous licensing in the WWAMI region. If you’re going, START EARLY! It’s terrible to get there and be unable to practice.


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