Dillon is located in southwestern Montana where cattle ranching and recreational tourism are the key economic industries. Outdoor activities are readily available including skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, flyfishing, hunting, photography, kayaking and canoeing and mountain biking. Dillon is the home of the University of Montana — Western, a four-year college specializing in education specialties. Residents will spend a one or two month block rotation with one of the general internists at the Pioneer Medical Clinic and Barrett Hospital in Dillon.

Dillon Call Day
A hard call weekend in Dillon (Courtesy Ron Loge)

Since there are no internal medicine sub-specialists in the community, residents will experience the broad sweep of general internal medicine including procedural opportunities. The majority of patient contact is outpatient, either clinic or emergency department, but in-patient care and hospital procedures are also a daily activity. The residents, like their attendings, will work closely with other physicians in the community as consultants and colleagues. Other specialties represented in Dillon include general surgery, orthopedics, radiology, family practice as well as visiting urologists, otolaryngologists and podiatrists.

Dillon is best suited to residents committed to a career in primary care; preference will be given to R2s. R3s interested in rural practice should also consider this rotation.

Selected months based on student schedule: note that unlike other sites, you will likely be in Dillon with medical students.
Rural (3,700)

Contact info:
Primary Preceptors:
Ron Loge, MD
Sandra McIntyre, MD

Residents who’ve been there:

  • Sirisha Narayana
  • Anna Golob
  • Matt Kirkpatrick
  • Mary Lacy
  • Jody Waldron
  • Tess Jankovsky

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