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August 2014
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Rural Primary Care in Dillon

I had a great month working with Dr. McIntyre in Dillon, Montana. My month there was all outpatient, but the doctors all do several weeks of inpatient medicine a year so I think sometimes that is mixed in. The average day consisted of seeing about 10 patients in the clinic. There were typically 2 yearly […]

Dillon, MT

I went to Dillon early in my R2 year and very much enjoyed my month there. I spent the first half working with Dr Ron Loge and the rest with Dr Sandra McIntyre. They are both wonderful (and beloved) internists who completed their residencies at UW–about 25 years apart. We rounded in the (20 bed) […]

Dillon, Montana

The reason I chose to go to Dillon was to have the opportunity to experience what it is really like to be a small town rural doctor who does it all, and that is exactly what I found.  I worked mainly with Dr. Sandra Mcintyre who is a smart, dedicated, charismatic graduate from the UW […]

Dillon’s Famous Cherry Pie

As someone who was uncertain in what field of medicine to enter, I decided to take advantage of the WWAMI experience. The reason I picked Dillon was based on a chance conversation that I had with my clinic preceptor who had went out to Dillon and still reminiscing Mrs. Loge’s cherry pie and the beautiful […]

Dillon, Montana

This picture was taken on a Sunday afternoon, Dr Loge and I cross-country skied out to a spring by his cabin. Once there we made a fire and roasted hot dogs :) just got back from my WWAMI rotation in Dillon, MT a few months ago but it feels like it was so long ago […]

Taking care of the same patients for years

In my Seattle clinic, I usually feel I have one chance to fix a patient and all I’m doing is trying to get in the ballpark, so Dillon was so educational. It’s the only rotation where you’re in the same clinic every day, eight hours per day. The patients were ranchers and cowboys, tough guys […]