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July 2014
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Jackson, WY

I spent December and a portion of January in Jackson, Wyoming working with Dennis Butcher.  It was an incredible experience.  The clinic staff were warm and welcoming.  We saw a range of patients, including my first horse wreck.  The hospital is small, but friendly.  The strength of this site is the preceptors and the patients.  […]


I spent a beautiful October in Jackson last year. The internists spend most of their time seeing patients in clinic, but there is a little hospital medicine mixed in. I gained experience in everything from palliative care to acute cardiac care, but it’s the primary care medicine that makes this rotation special. The docs in […]

Jackson, Wyoming

Doing a WWAMI rotation in Jackson truly enhanced my medicine residency experience!  During this rotation I was precepted by Dr. Martha Stern, and I had the opportunity to take care of patients in the outpatient setting, on the medicine wards, in the ER and the ICU.  I value this experience because I was able to […]

Doing it all in Jackson

Looking at residency, it’s Jackson where the breach between what I knew and what I felt I needed to know was widest. I’d wake up to a patient in the ICU and a few more on the wards, and expect to be a nephrologist of sorts, the critical care person, a medicine consultant for local […]

Career plans in Cody

Cody at sunrise after camping on the Shoshone River the night before and my first thoughts were how beautiful the country is in the early morning and that I could definitely live there. Cody is a town of hard working blue-collar people, a lot of ranchers, and of course people were very friendly. It was […]