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August 2014
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Four weeks in Livingston

I had the opportunity to spend four weeks in Livingston this November and it was great! I was expecting to have bad weather, but it was mostly sunny and the snow was just starting to fall. The hospital and clinic experience was so enlightening. My first day there in the ED, I saw a woman […]

August in Livingston

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience in Livingston, MT! It gave me a great taste for rural medicine and was a nice balance between the inpatient and clinic worlds. Clinical experience: Livingston Health Center is a small hospital with about 25 medical beds and 4 ICU beds. The physicians and staff are a […]

Livingston December 2010

My month in Livingston was wonderful.  The small town (~7000) is in a beautiful setting…”A River Runs Through It” was filmed there for reference.  Dr. Wadle is a great doc and good teacher.  The entire staff at the clinic, nursing home, and hospital are welcoming and really make you feel like you belong. Nuts and […]

March in Livingston

I’ve learned an enormous amount by working with Dr. Wadle. His clinic patients are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…

Livingston, MT

I never saw a grizzly bear during my month in Livingston, even though I spent the entire time reading about them and keeping an eye out for them on hikes.  This was probably a good thing.  There were 9 grizzly attacks in Montana this year; two of the victims came to Livingston Hospital while i was there and I […]

August in Park County

In August I saw grizzly bears, wolves, bighorn sheep, and more bison and elk than I can count.  I also got to see a model of medicine very different from anything in Seattle: rounding on inpatients (including the small ICU) in the morning, then off to clinic for the bulk of the day.  It’s a […]


I had one of those magical days that can happen in a place like Livingston. It was a blustery Wednesday morning in March with gray clouds hovering heavily overhead and a few scattered snowflakes falling to remind us that spring was not here, yet. I was finishing a 24 hour shift covering the ER and […]

Medicine in a small, small town

It was so hard to come back from Livingston. The place is so small that I got to know people from all walks of life, and I made incredible friends. Everybody has personal as well as professional connections with patients. The hospital is a tiny little place, with four ICU beds. Everyone at the hospital […]