Alaska Native Medical Center, Sept 2010.

Hi, this is Jason Goldman ( and I was at Alaska Native Medical Center, in Anchorage, AK during the Sept 2010 block. Looking back at Kanishka’s post, he pretty much said it all so I won’t reiterate all those details which are very accurate.

I did the intensivist rotation, although they would be OK if you did 1/2 and 1/2 of any combination of the intensivist, hospitalist or outpatient. My wife also came with me and did a rotation (for her NP training) at ANMC at the Ob/Gyn clinic. The intensivist was a bit longer hours than the other rotations (Justin Schram was there at the same time
and did 1/2 hospitalist and 1/2 outpatient), but very rewarding. It’s just you and the Pulm-Crit Care attending. The ICU is ~15 beds and you’ll carry usually half the patients. There is a mix of medical and surgical patients, so that’s a bit of variety in taking care of some trauma patients (although the surgeons also round). The cases were bread and butter mostly (they don’t get over medialized there!) with a mix of some cool presentations (Takotsubo’s, Liver abscess & shock, etc).   You’ll have plenty of autonomy, but enough supervision, you’ll likely get to do some cool procedures too! 

ANMC is a sort of cultural center and when you’re leaving in the evening, sometimes there will be some ceremonial chanting or dancing in the lobby (this circular meeting place). The patients and their families were really sweet and gracious people.   

You’ll definitely get time to travel around the state, we went to Denali, canoeing/fishing on Kenai Peninsula and sea kayaking out of Seward. The long days are pretty sweet!

Please email with any questions!