Dillon, MT

make hay while the sun shines (a field near town)

I went to Dillon early in my R2 year and very much enjoyed my month there. I spent the first half working with Dr Ron Loge and the rest with Dr Sandra McIntyre. They are both wonderful (and beloved) internists who completed their residencies at UW–about 25 years apart. We rounded in the (20 bed) hospital in the mornings, spent the days in clinic, then rounded again in the evenings. We saw a broad range of medical problems and it was great being able to follow patients closely because I was in one place all day, every day.
I highly recommend this site to anyone interested in an experience of real rural primary care that is mostly outpatient with a bit of inpatient, procedures, nursing home visits, and home visits.

It was an unseasonably warm Sept/Oct and I hiked in the mountains around Dillon and went on weekend trips to both Yellowstone (3 hours away) and Glacier (about 6 hours). It was a great month! Email me if you have questions.

Lauren Carpenter