December in Alaska

Despite the negative five degree weather, snow, and a highly functional Kia Forte… this was an absolutely amazing rotation. I spent 4 weeks in the ICU working as a fairly independent entity with my own patients and responsibilities. The highlights of this were close interactions with the attending, making vent changes on your own, and the procedures. I did somewhere around 13 subclavians, 5 IJ, 1 tunneled line, 2 broncs, and helped with an EGD. The staff are great and they are interested in you and your education. I would get in around 7:30, round at 8:30 and usually leave around 7 pm unless it got busy. Overall a great rotation. Anchorage is nice, but cold. Although I did do a fair amount of running which was spectacular! I would totally recommend this to anyone interested!

Andrew Prouse