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Wellness Wednesdays

We are pleased to partner with the Alzheimer's Association to bring you "Wellness Wednesdays," a free weekly webinar series for people with memory loss and their families. Join us online from 1 - 1:45 p.m. each Wednesday and enjoy dynamic speakers to help you thrive on your memory loss journey. See below for the schedule of upcoming talks and to register.

When you register for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account on the Alzheimer's Association website. You can use this account every time you register. After you register, you will promptly receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for the event. You can also call 1.800.272.3900 with questions.

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Discover the King County Libraries Older Adults Program 
Presented by: Wendy Pender, MLS

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022 | 1-1:45 p.m. PT | REGISTER HERE 

Join us as Wendy Pender, Older Adults Program Coordinator, shares the joy of the award-winning King County Library System and all it has to offer, be it in print or online. Whether you’re an avid reader or haven’t stepped foot in a library in years, come ready to learn something new and share your own joy of discovery. 

Communication: Helpful Strategies for Staying Connected
Presented by: Pamela M. Dean, PhD, ABPP

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022 | 1-1:45 p.m. PT | REGISTER HERE 

Join us as Pamela M. Dean, a clinical neuropsychologist, talks about how living with memory loss and caregiving can call for a whole new set of communication skills. In this talk, learn from Dr. Dean about ways to better understand your partner, express your feelings and needs, and address common communication challenges. Leave with new strategies to strengthen your relationships in the midst of dementia.


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Archived Recordings/PowerPoints of Previous Talks

Wellness Wednesdays  with UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center and WA State Alzheimer's Association:

1/13/2021: “Resources for Helping Youth Cope with Dementia in the Family" with Dr. Aimee Le-Huynh McArthur, UW psychiatry resident. View PowerPoint and Recording.

2/3/2021: “Managing Stress: Mindfulness Based Strategies" with Kristoffer Rhoads, PhD, UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center neuropsychologist. View PowerPoint and Recording

2/24/2021: "Less is More: Developing the Skill of Compassionate Listening" with Sandy Powers.

3/3/2021: "Memory Strategies for Daily Life" with Michelle Kim, PhD. View PowerPoint.

4/14/2021: "Sleep and Brain Health" with David La Fazia, PhD, MSW, lecturer, UW School of Social Work.  View Recording.

4/28/2021: "Activities to Keep Your Brain Sharp" with Beth Larson, MS. View PowerPoint.

5/5/2021: "Nutrition Tips for Wellness and Healthy Aging" with Dr. Gary Ferguson. View PowerPoint.

5/12/2021: "Dementia-Friendly Zoom Tips" with Dr. Erika Campbell. View PowerPoint.

6/2/2021: "Steps to Health" with Julie Pusztai PhD, PhD, RN. Adjunct Nursing Faculty, Seattle Pacific University. View PowerPoint

6/9/2021: "Music and Memory" with Rachel Lockerbie, MT-BC, Music Center of the Northwest. View Recording and PowerPoint.

7/7/2021: "Practicing Self-Compassion" with Dr. Nancy Isenberg, Swedish Medical Center. View Recording.

7/21/2021: "An Introduction to FTD, PPA, and PPAOS" with Sydney Zenzen, MS, CCC-SLP. View Recording

8/1/2021: "The Eye-Brain Partnership: Considering Eyesight in Dementia Care" with Kate Fewel, MSW. View PowerPoint and Home Safety Tips Handout.

10/13/2021: "Reimagining our Approach to Brain Health" with Dr. Tom Grabowski, UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center. View PowerPoint.

11/3/2021: "The Creative Brain: A guide to arts exploration for people with memory loss and care partners" with Dr. Lee Burnside. 

11/17/2021: "Spirituality: A Powerful Tool" with Sandy Powers. View PowerPoint.

12/1/2021: "Living Well With Dementia: The Role for Palliative Care" with Dr. Gina Kang, UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center. View PowerPoint


"Virtual Community Wellness Talks" with UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center:

4/3/20: "Dementia Caregiving in the Midst of Covid-19 - Health, Safety and Communication" with ARNP Elisabeth Lindley. View PowerPoint and Recording.

4/8/20: "Staying Connected During Social Distancing" with neuropsychologist Carolyn Parsey, PhD. View PowerPoint.

4/10/20: Home Workouts 101 – "Staying Active with or without a Home Gym" with neuropsychologist Carolyn Parsey, PhD. View PowerPoint.

4/15/20: "Strategies for Stress Management" with neuropsychologist  Kristoffer Rhoads, PhD. View PowerPoint and Recording.

4/17/20: "Info-Savvy – Staying Sane in the Era of Information Overload" with neuropsychologist Carolyn Parsey, PhD. View PowerPoint.

4/22/20: "Mind over Matter – Cognitively-stimulating activities for everyone" with neuropsychologist Carolyn Parsey, PhD. View PowerPoint and Recording.

4/24/20:  "A Reason to Get Out of Bed in the Morning: Finding Purpose during COVID-19" with Program Manager Marigrace Becker, MSW. View PowerPoint and Recording.

4/29/20: "Enjoying the Arts from Home" with geriatrician Lee Burnside, MD. View PowerPoint and Recording.

5/1/20: "Virtual Nature for the Soul" with neuropsychologist Carolyn Parsey, PhD. View PowerPoint and Recording.

5/6/20: "Food for Thought: Brain-Healthy Meals" with geriatrician Angela Hanson, MD. View PowerPoint and Recording.

5/13/20: "Living with Dementia and Dementia Caregiving during COVID-19: An Update" with Elisabeth Lindley, ARNP. View PowerPoint and Recording.

5/20/20: "Practicing Self-Compassion" with neurologist Nancy Isenberg, MD. Medical Director for Center for Healthy Aging, Swedish Neuroscience Institute; Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Washington. View Handout.

5/27/20: “Sleep: Important considerations in the era of COVID-19” with neuropsychologists Dr. Pamela Dean and Dr. Madison Bertolin, VA Puget Sound. View PowerPoint.

6/3/20: "Resilience Never Rests: Support During COVID-19" with Katie Brandt, Director of Caregiver Support Services and Public Relations for the Frontotemporal Disorders Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. View Recording.

6/10/20: "Calming the Monkey Mind: an Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” with neuropsychologist Dr. Emily Trittschuh, Geriatric Research and Education Clinical Center (GRECC) at VA Puget Sound; University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. View PowerPoint and Recording.

6/17/20: "Caregiver Self-Care" with Dr. Tatiana Sadak, University of Washington School of Nursing. View PowerPoint and Recording.

6/24/20: "Grief and Loss along the Dementia Journey" with social worker Karen Clay, MSW. View PowerPoint and Recording.

7/1/20: "Safe and enjoyable physical fitness activities from home" with Cecilia Matta, senior fitness instructor and UW ADAPT program volunteer. View PowerPoint.

7/8/20: "Making art together at home" with Cal Dobrzynski, MDes, designer and UW MBWC volunteer. View PowerPoint and Recording.

7/15/20: "The genius of each day: Using your camera to make memories during COVID-19" with Tom Grabowski, MD, director of UW MBWC and photography enthusiast. View PowerPoint and Recording.

7/22/20: "Musical activities you can do at home" with Shih-Yin Lin, MM, MPH, PhD, senior research scientist/project director, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing and former Music Therapist. View PowerPoint and Recording

7/29/20: "Preventing falls in people with dementia: What can we do together?" with Yuanjin Zhou, MSW, PhD Candidate at UW School of Social Work. View PowerPoint and Recording.

8/5/20: “The question of meaning in life: Insights from people with memory loss and caregivers” with Bomin Shim, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, Seattle Pacific University. View PowerPoint

8/26/20: “Balance, mobility and independence" with Ka'imi Sinclair, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor and Co-Director of Partnerships for Native Health, Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH), College of Nursing, Washington State University. View PowerPoint and Recording.

9/2/20: "Taking care of your mental health," with George Dicks, Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, Harborview Medical Center

9/9/20: "Having Fun & Learning New Things at Home: What Libraries Have to Offer," with Nancy Slote, Older Adults Program Manager, Seattle Public Library. View PowerPoint and Recording.

9/16/20: "Coping with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19: Lessons from grief recovery" with Peach Jack, MA, CC, GRS, HTS, UW MBWC horticulture therapy intern; advanced grief recovery specialist, Grief Recovery Institute; landscape designer and therapeutic horticulturalist. View PowerPoint and Recording.

9/23/20: "Health, wellness and nature engagement: The basics of horticulture therapy," with Peach Jack, MA, CC, GRS, HTS, UW MBWC horticulture therapy intern; advanced grief recovery specialist, Grief Recovery Institute; landscape designer and therapeutic horticulturalist. View PowerPoint and Recording.

10/7/20: "Staying Connected With Loved Ones in Long-Term Care during COVID-19" with Washington State Long-Term Care Ombuds Patricia Hunter, MSW. View PowerPoint and Recording.

10/14/20: "Social Engagement During COVID: Innovative Approaches" with Laurelynn Brooks, family caregiver; Joe Liao, tai chi master;  Jen Allen, Senior Services for South Sound; LeAnne Chow, Phinney Neighborhood Association.

10/21/20: Film Screening & Discussion: "Living with Memory Loss: In Our Own Words" by members of the Gathering Place program at Greenwood Senior Center.

11/4/20: Film Screening & Discussion: "GAPS," an exploration of Alzheimer's in Asian American communities, by producer Peter Trinh. With Michael Woo, Kin On Health Care Center.

11/18/20: Steps to Reducing Stress with Kim Boom, Aging and Long-Term Support Administration.

11/25/20: Coping with Family Dynamics around the Holidays, with Dr. Pamela Dean, VA Puget Sound. View PowerPoint and Recording.

12/2/20:  Join Greenwood Senior Center for a discussion of the new local book, "The Elderwise Way: A Different Approach to Life with Dementia." 

12/9/20: "Promoting Personhood and Dignity During Health Care Visits: Tips for You and Your Loved One" with UW MBWC nurse practitioner Elisabeth Lindley. View PowerPoint.

12/16/20: "Connecting with Family from Afar: A Few Creative Approaches" with Jen Kulik, PhD, CEO and Founder of SilverKite Community Arts.

1/6/21: "Starting the Year Off Right: Tips for Achieving Your Wellness Goals" with Carolyn Parsey, PhD, UW MBWC neuropsychologist. View PowerPoint and Recording.


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