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Residents choose to rotate at ANMC for a variety of reasons, but I found working in a hospital dedicated to caring for Alaska Natives to be the most rewarding aspect. That said, I felt like I arrived in Anchorage with little background knowledge on the patient population and the hospital where I would work. During my rotation at ANMC, I compiled this powerpoint as a reference – it is a mix of information on the hospital’s history, Alaska Native population health statistics, and additional resources for learning more before and during the rotation (health equity papers, local must-visit museums, etc.) I hope these references help lay some of the ground work for the unique environment and culture. This beautiful state has a rich history that strongly impacts the health and daily lives of its people and the opportunity to meet and learn from them first-hand is inspiring. If you have any feedback or would like to add additional resources, please email me.

Have a wonderful rotation!

[Editor’s note: Michela put together this fantastic PowerPoint of background information about ANMC and the Alaska Native population it serves. Strongly recommended for anyone going to Anchorage!]