Indian Center News

Digital Archive 1960-1971

American Indian Women's Service League

The Indian Center News served the Native peoples of Seattle during a critical decade. Published by the American Indian Women's Service League, the newsletter carried information about activities and social services available at the Indian Center, the downtown center established by the the AIWSL in 1960. Indian Center News helped develop the political voice of urban Indians, and public officials joined its growing list of readers. Its pages carried everything from calls for political action to recipes for traditional tribal foods. Pearl Warren, Bernie Whitebear, and many others wrote for the newsletter.

Below are digitized fully readable copies of the Indian Center News presented with the permission of the American Indian Women's Service League. Teresa Brownwolf Powers digitized most of this collection, with contributions by Karen Smith. See also American Indian Women's Service League: Raising the Cause of Urban Indians, 1958-71 by Karen Smith.

From 1957 until the Indian Center News was on its feet, the University Unitarian Church published Northwest Indian News. In this September 1958 issue, the newsletter announces the formation of the American Indian Women's Service League.

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