Department of Chemistry News

January 30, 2007

Bagley Hall Renovations

$10+ million Bagley Hall renovations will begin in February. Construction is projected to be on-going until early Fall Quarter.

Markus Raschke joins faculty as Assistant Professor

Raschke’s research focuses on the development of nano-optical spectroscopies that enable both nanometer spatial and femosecond temporal resolution.

Charles Campbell receives Hopkins Faculty Award

Campbell recognized by the Department of Chemistry for his outstanding professional service.

Daniel Chiu promoted to Full Professor

Chiu’s research focuses on the development of new tools combining ultrasensitive laser-based detection and manipulation methodologies with micro- and nano-fabrication techniques for interfacing with biological systems at the nanometer scale.

January 29, 2007

Charles Campbell receives ACS Arthur W. Adamson Award

Campbell recognized by the ACS for distinguished service in the advancement of surface chemistry.