Frantisek Turecek wins 2012 Thomson Medal Award

Professor František Tureček was awarded the 2012 Thomson Medal Award by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation. The Thomson Medal Award was established as an acknowledgement of exemplary contributions through outstanding research and distinguished service in mass spectrometry, and is only awarded every three years. Professor Tureček joined two other recipients for the medal presentation ceremony at the 19th International Mass Spectrometry Conference held last month in Kyoto, Japan.

The Thomson Medal is named after British physicist and Nobel Laureate Sir J. J. Thomson, who more than 100 years ago was responsible for creating the first mass spectrograph, a parabola instrument that used magnetic and electrostatic deflection and which foreshadowed many features of modern instruments. For more information about the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation, please visit the IMSF website.

Additional coverage on this award is available through the UW College of Arts & Sciences Perspectives newsletter.

To learn more about Professor Tureček and his research, please visit his faculty page.