UW graduate Dr. Jason Farmer selected for Distinguished Dissertation

Chemistry alumnus Dr. Jason A. Farmer’s dissertation, “Direct Measurements of Chemical Bonding at Solid Surfaces using a Unique Calorimetric Method: Towards Understanding Surface Chemistry in Energy Technologies,” was selected by the University of Washington Graduate School as the University’s nomination for the 2010 CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. Dr. Farmer’s dissertation now enters the nation-wide competition administered by the Council of Graduate Schools. The award is based on “original work making an unusually significant contribution to the discipline.” Dr. Farmer, who conducted his graduate work with Professor Charles Campbell, is also the first author on a paper that recently appeared in Science. Congratulations Dr. Farmer!

To read the abstract for Dr. Farmer’s recent publication (“Ceria Maintains Smaller Metal Catalyst Particles by Strong Metal-Support Bonding”), please see the Science article.

For more information about Professor Campbell and his research, please visit his faculty page or research group website.

Professor Daniel Chiu wins Young Innovator Award in Microfluidics

Dr. Daniel Chiu, Professor of Chemistry, is the recipient of the Analytical Chemistry 2010 Young Innovator Award. This award, sponsored by Analytical Chemistry and the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society (CBMS), recognizes the contributions of an individual who has demonstrated exceptional technical advancement and innovation in the field of micro- or nanofluidics in his or her early career.

With articles published in ACS journals such as Analytical Chemistry, Accounts of Chemical Research, Langmuir, Journal of American Chemical Society, and Nano Letters, Dr. Chiu has pioneered the development and application of new methodologies in the area of microfluidics and single-molecule manipulation and detection. Dr. Chiu has been at the forefront of advancing microfluidic techniques, ranging from methods of microfabrication, to the investigation of unique fluidic behaviors encountered in microfluidics, to the application of microfluidics to biomedical and clinical studies. He is the recipient of various awards including Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award, and Keck Distinguished Young Scholar in Biomedical Research.

Dr. Chiu will accept his award at the upcoming MicroTAS 2010 Conference in Groningen, The Netherlands from October 3 – 7, 2010.

To view the latest research published in ACS journals by Dr. Daniel Chiu, visit the Analytical Chemistry 2010 Young Innovator Award page.

Department of Chemistry seeks new faculty

Bagley Hall MuralThe Department of Chemistry at the University of Washington is searching for three or more new tenure-track faculty members to start in autumn, 2011. Applications are invited from candidates with research and teaching interests in all areas of chemistry and interdisciplinary fields involving chemistry. Our department and university provide a vibrant environment in which to pursue the chemical sciences; we seek scientists with extraordinary talent and motivation who are eager to push forward the frontiers of knowledge!

For more information, visit http://depts.washington.edu/chem/admin/employment.html