Department of Chemistry News

June 22, 2009

Tomikazu Sasaki promoted to Full Professor

Sasaki develops multivalent carbohydrate ligands through a metal-assisted self-assembly process to study specific biomolecular recognitions behind medicinally important biological processes.

Sarah Keller promoted to Full Professor

Keller studies the inhomogeneous distributions of lipids within membranes that model cell membranes.

June 12, 2009

Kahr, Kaminsky, et al. determine structural origin of light polarizing properties of herapathite

In a recent paper in Science, a UW group led by Professor Bart Kahr and Research Associate Professor Werner Kaminsky report the atomic structure of herapathite, a historically important source of large aperture light polarizers whose optical properties have long eluded explanation.

Markus Raschke promoted to Associate Professor

Raschke’s research focuses on the linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy of surfaces and on the nanoscale.