Department of Chemistry News

May 3, 2020

UW’s 3D printed COVID-19 face shields: From innovation to delivery

The Department of Chemistry is one of many programs at the University of Washington leveraging additive manufacturing technology to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel who are responding to COVID-19.

A team of Chemistry personnel (including Associate Professor Matt Bush, graduate student Cem Millik, Director of Technical Services Dr. Nick Breen, and Facilities & Machine Shop Manager Kevin Soderlund) 3D printed more than 300 headbands for protective face shields using equipment in the Chemistry Student Innovation Center.


3D printer (left) and 3D printed headbands, to be used with face shields to protect medical personnel. Cem Millik


Please see the UW News/UW Medicine Newsroom article for more information on the UW’s 3D printing activities to address COVID-19.