Brandi Cossairt to join faculty

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Brandi Cossairt to the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Cossairt did her undergraduate work at Caltech, performing research with Professors Jesse L. Beauchamp and Jonas C. Peters. She received her Ph.D. from MIT, where she investigated the niobium-mediated synthesis of phosphorus-rich molecules under the direction of Professor Christopher C. Cummins. She is currently an NIH postdoctoral fellow with Assistant Professor Jonathan Owen at Columbia University, where she has developed new methods to synthesize ultrasmall (sub-2 nm) metal chalcogenide (CdSe, CdS, PbSe, PbS) nanoparticles. She also participates as an active member of Columbia’s Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC), “Redefining Photovoltaic Efficiency through Molecular Scale Control.”

Dr. Cossairt will begin her research program here in July. Her work will focus on new methods for the preparation of III-V semiconductor clusters and nanoparticles for solar energy applications, and the development of novel bifunctional catalyst systems incorporating both highly reducing early transition metal complexes and binary semiconducting clusters and nanoparticles.

For more information, please visit her faculty page or contact her directly via email at

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