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Users might be seeing on and off, large blocks of time on the DRX499 computer reserved for the ‘software upgrade test’ and I wanted to expand briefly on this. For a while now, we have been working behind the scene, to move our current model of saving NMR data locally and serve it to you via the FTP server, which, as many of you have personally experienced, is old, buggy and gives you a frustrating moment or two from time to time.   In the new model, we are trying to leverage our well maintained UW UDrive storage system so that your individual data will be directly archived in your own protected space as and when you collect data on the NMR machine.  You can download the data whenever and wherever you please, 24/7, with your UWNetid.

We have made good progress in setting up this software model on simulated platforms but it is time for us to test it on a real world NMR machine. The DRX499 with its ageing software is the weakest link and our model should be proven to work with this platform. That is why we have chosen DRX499 to be the test bed.   We will hope for a positive result and if so, the transition to this model will be taken up, one NMR machine at a time.  Of course, you will hear more on this, when that happens.

Thank you for your cooperation.

NMR Facility Manager


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