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July, 2012

500 and 300-s : Sporadic Computer slow down.

We have been looking into the sporadic freeze up of the spectrometer hosts that control AV300, AV301 and AV500.  It had taken a while for us to troubleshoot this because the problem occurs in a random fashion.  I think we have put our finger on the problem.   To put it simply, incompatibility between the ageing […]

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DRX499 : feedback request

We received one user input today that XWINPLOT is not functioning as expected. No more detail was given.  If any of the users have something more specific to share with us about the nature of the problem  in using XWINPLOT, it will be very helpful to troubleshoot.  You can either use the log book or […]

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DRX499 : Spectrometer Operational

The failing acquisition issue is now rectified. Please keep the facility staff posted if you observe similar occurrence again.

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AV700 Probe Change

The solution TXI HCN probe is now installed on the AV700.

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AV500 : BBO 13C Operational

Since one of the tuning components is de-rating, the Tune and Match value for 13C has changed. New values are clearly posted on the tune/match card of the probe. Please use this as your starting value to tune/match 13C.  Contact facility staff for help.

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AV500 : 13C Channel malfunction with BBO probe

Problem reported moments ago. Being investigated. Please wait for updates. Users are encouraged to use other instruments for 13C, in the meanwhile.

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The TXO 19F{1H,13C} PROBE will be available for use from Monday, Jul. 15th in this instrument.  The probe will be available for high sensitivity 19F studies and users are encouraged to take advantage of this availability.  The probe will be in the instrument for two weeks.  Please direct questions to facility staff

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