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Welcome to the Chemistry NMR Online Log Book – your  One Stop portal to communicate about the spectrometer to the Facility Staff in a timely manner. 

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170 Responses to “AV301 Log Book”

  • Zack Stein says:

    Got the error that topshim failed twice due to “losing too many points during fit”

  • Kelly Kim says:

    I got kicked off the system while my sample was shimming, and when i logged back in, topspin said “no acquisition” so I decided to start over. I ejected and re-injected my sample and attempted to atma but received an error message saying “acquisition is already running”. Typing “stop” and retrying “atma” resulted in the same error message.

  • Delwin says:

    Login screen does not appear, so I cannot log in.

  • Louise M Guard says:

    Black screen instead of login screen

    Still not locking to solvents properly.

  • Travis says:

    Not locking onto C6D6

  • Delwin says:

    The BSMS keypad cannot eject the sample, and using ej on the keyboard also does not eject the sample.

  • Zuzana says:

    heater not regulating temp – temp at 283 K

  • Delwin says:

    The buttons of the BSMS keypad do not respond, and the sample cannot be ejected using ej on the computer, so I cannot use the instrument.

  • Adrienne Roehrich says:

    The sample without spinner has been removed from the instrument. The system is operational as usual.

  • Adrienne Roehrich says:

    The system has been restored to normal operation.

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