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February, 2013

DRX499 UPDATE : lineshape and standard shims

Although more work needs to be done, the reported high order shim distortion has been removed and the shim set is eminently useable. Users should get back to me if they find specific issues in shimming with respect to their samples.   Please use the default start up shim set : stdbbi before you attempt your […]

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DRX499 : ALERT – Lineshape Optimization in progress

Following the feedback from several users about asymmetric lineshape distortion in spectra,  the lineshape optimization routine is setup on the instrument, which will run overnight. If the problem persists after this, other possible causes to this issue will be explored.  Users who have blocked the instrument today are requested to move to other instruments for […]

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AV700 is fully functional and will be hosting a solids MAS probe currently. Probe change to a solutions probe will be announced here subsequently.

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Instrument ready for immediate use.

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Reinstall of a corrupted package is in progress. The instrument should be ready by noon. An update will be posted at that time.

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FACILITY UPDATE : Help for Users – contacting facility manager

With the departure of Paul Miller from the NMR Facility to the new position,  users are requested to direct all queries related to day to day NMR operations to the Facility Manager,  Rajan Paranji i.e. the author of this note.   I can be reached via the following means : Phone : 206 685 2581 […]

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AV800: system down due to gradient malfunction

We are waiting for a hardware replacement part.  The expected timeline for the same is end of this week i.e. 8 Feb 2013.  Any changes to this schedule will be posted here.

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