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Users can find a welcome relief in the new AV301 host computer with the latest Operating System, which will provide a smooth and fast login and Topspin launch process. Currently the interface you use will be the same as you are familiar with.

But this new platform will act as a test bed for trying out our new cloud storage technology,  in the coming weeks.  There should be minimal, if any, disruption to  the normal operation of the system while we test this out.

The aim is to securely store your data in your own UW storage space for easy access from anywhere you want and eventually eliminate the need for a departmental FTP server.   More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

You would have experienced some intermittent outages with the phoenix FTP server in this process but everything is back to normal now.   Please keep us posted if you face any issues with AV301.

Thank you

NMR Facility Manager


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