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Dear NMR users/enthusiasts

Although this space was created primarily to communicate about instrument related issues and the progress made to remedy those,  in the outset I will warn that this post is an unabashed advertisement of sorts about myself, but within the context of NMR only.

In this day and age it makes sense to leverage the latest technology at one’s disposal to improve the quality of technical support and UW has already provided such a platform for me to experiment in the form of  ‘sites.uw.edu’, which is a WordPress based blogging website.

This is an actively maintained resource by UW-IT and hundreds of people already use this to effectively communicate ideas, teach new concepts and share one’s technical expertise and experience.  I have 15+ years mileage running this facility and enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of interacting with a spectrum of users (pun unintended !) who approach NMR with different motivations.   I thought the time is right for me to use this modern portal and communicate exciting new ideas in NMR as well as introspect time honored folk-lore in NMR and see where that takes us.

I have provided a hyperlink from  our Chemisty NMR website as shown below, which you can use to explore this page.

You are welcome to leave comments and critiques on the content there to make the exercise more meaningful.

If you want to discuss specific topics, just shoot an email or enter a Comment within a blog post.


Thank you and happy Spinning !

NMR Facility Manager



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