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Triple Resonance probe TBI – 1H, 13C {X-BB}-Z gradient probe is ready for use.

STANDARD SHIM SET :  Please start with ‘rsh stdtbi’  and proceed with Topshim.   Of course, you have to lock onto your solvent first.

Few highlights about the probe:

  • Here is the front plate view that is self-explanatory

1H and 13C have dedicated channels. Broadband (BB) channel is tuned to 31P normally. Can be changed according to the X nucleus observed. 2H NMR can be run without touching any cable.


  • View of the Tune/Match rods for 1H and 13C channels

    The knobs rotate to adjust the resonance frequency. Inverted screw driver tool hangs by the side of these in a chain.

  • X a.k.a. Broadband channel tune and match paddles are shown here.  By default, this channel is tuned and ready for 31P observation (this is the third most popular nucleus after 1H and 13C).    The most significant digit of the Match paddle is damaged. For most of the nuclei encountered, this won’t be a critical constraint. We will replace this as soon as possible.


  • You can use the default macros such as ‘proton’ or ‘carbon’ as before.  This will load the standard shim set as well as pulse parameters.
  • With the default configuration, 90% of the users can simply run spectra with minimal need for tuning/matching i.e. 1H, 13C and 31P that is ready to go.

I will communicate with you more updates on this Probehead as well as the AV500 system itself, as we get closer to deploying the DRX499 for regular use.

Stay Tuned

NMR Facility Manager


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