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204 Responses to “AV500 Log Book”

  • Ryan says:

    I’m seeing the same issues as Jeffrey. The baseline is not smooth, with lots of spurious “peaks.” Same jagged shape in the wobb curve.

  • Jeffrey Buenaflor says:

    H-NMR spectrum of sample contained several unknown peaks. I switched to the AV 300. The obtained spectrum did not exhibit the same peaks.

    I took images of the spectrum and also of shape shown during “wobb”, which showed a jagged shape. I will email you the images.

  • Ryan says:

    The sample depth setter for the 500 is not in its usual place. Had to borrow one from the 499.

  • Dylan Karis says:

    Gets stuck at checking lock and then gives “locked by process 10817” when I try to run topshim.

  • Jon Kephart says:

    The wobble curve for 1H tuning was wiggling and squiggling and all sorts of stuff. would not stay still and didn’t have a well defined peak to tune and match to.

  • Adrienne Roehrich says:

    Please note that even if the system does not lock, it will say lock finished. Double-check the lock on-off light on the bsms keyboard to confirm the system has locked.

    In none of the logs from today did the system actually lock and topshim will fail if the system is not locked.

    The issue has been remedied. Please continue to post further errors and issues.

  • Gayani says:


    When I locked the solvent, it shows lock finished, but then when I say topshim, it gives a message saying ‘PrepareLock- Lock is off; please lock in prior to shimming”. The person before me also mentioned that he could not take the NMR as it was not locking.
    Could you please take a look at it?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Daniel says:

    PrepareLock – lock is off: please lock prior to shimming. Even though I did lock. Even tried pressing the button on the console for lock on/off and it will topshim but the NMR looks like all the signals have an echo to the left and right of it. Chris F. before me also had same lock problem,

  • grierson says:

    The lasr printer is now totally out of tonner. The problem has progressed for the past few weeks and now it’s over the edge.

  • grierson says:

    External laser printer is totally out of toner, it has been getting bad for some time now.

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