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AV700 Log Book

Welcome to the Chemistry NMR Online Log Book – your  One Stop portal to communicate about the spectrometer to the Facility Staff in a timely manner. 

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49 Responses to “AV700 Log Book”

  • Brice Jurban says:

    Failed to start the XServer. With no graphical interface the NMR can’t be used until the nvidia kernel is reinstalled. Only admin privileges can do that which I don’t have.

  • Betsy Flowers says:

    2 problems.
    1) Whenever I triedd to connect to the internet, the computer would turn off my experiment an sign me out of the system.
    2) I can’t access data on the server for any new experiments for the AV700

  • Adrienne says:

    The 700 will swap to solids probe on Monday, September 8. Please contact Adrienne if you wish to use solids on the 700 this fall.

  • Adrienne Roehrich says:

    Due to the storms on Saturday, August 2 and the resulting power fluctuations, there is an issue with the gas flow for the 700. This requires further investigation. Until the issue is resolved, the 700 is not available for use. A notice will be posted with the issue is resolved.

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    I’m unable to access the NMR data via phoenix.

  • Betsy Flowers says:

    Having the same problems Jordan saw on the 6th

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    The AV_700 is still having issues. Most commands give error messages,
    atma : returns ” illegal channel specification “:f2”
    edasp : “Cannot read preamplifier name.”
    rga : “Cannot set routing connections : SGU2 : couldn’t find a connection to amplifier 2”

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    I’m unable to access the data on the server for the AV700.

  • Carolyn Valdez says:

    Tried to take proton NMR – seemed to lock fine but we didn’t see any signal?

  • Paul Miller says:

    The 700 is down due to a VT issue. Will post when the 700 is available.

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