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AV700 Log Book

Welcome to the Chemistry NMR Online Log Book – your  One Stop portal to communicate about the spectrometer to the Facility Staff in a timely manner. 

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49 Responses to “AV700 Log Book”

  • Braden Zahora says:

    As I was taking NMR sample out, green substance on NMR tube.
    Also, there is a strange smell all around the NMR instrument.

  • Braden Zahora says:

    Could not atma on proton experiment – was stuck on the screen where it was trying to find the minimum point on the curve.

  • Katherine says:

    When running atma, the process starts, and then after a few seconds I get the following error message in a popup box titled wobb:

    “Error in ipsoControl::checkStatus(): Status line active!”

    When I close out of this popup box, it appears again, then after closing out the second time I get another error message popup:

    “Error in Master: Error 13 in AQS1: –SLOT 1 RACK 1: power failed”

    Closing out of that, I get the error popup:

    “Error: can’t stop wobb process”

  • Max Friedfeld says:

    when I typed rga, got the following message: “DRU1 does not support digitizer ‘HADC’ defined in the current data set! Change the digitizer of the current data set to continue”

  • Braden Zahora says:

    The gas flow is low and is giving error messages.

  • Braden Zahora says:

    My sample is stuck in the 700. I injected it and it showed that it went down but I was having trouble locking onto signal so I tried to eject but it got stuck somehow.

  • Braden Zahora says:

    In CD2Cl2 and THF d8, it is unclear if I am actually locking (though it says that lock was completed and I can see the signals in the lock display). Also, when topshim is attempted, it says “RawCheck – no signal at all”. No spectrum can be obtained

  • Braden Zahora says:

    In methylene chloride and THF, it is unclear if I am actually locking onto a signal (though it says lock completed and I can see the signals on the lock display). When shimming is attempted, it says “RawCheck – no signal at all”

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    I am not able to lock any sample, or find the lock signal on 10% D2O or the 50/50 dummy sample.

  • Brice Jurban says:

    The XServer is working now again

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