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AV700 Log Book

Welcome to the Chemistry NMR Online Log Book – your  One Stop portal to communicate about the spectrometer to the Facility Staff in a timely manner. 

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49 Responses to “AV700 Log Book”

  • Jenny says:

    “VT gas flow (380) is too weak for reliable operation”

  • mxue says:

    VTU state: Gas error, regulation state: off, gas flow is 158 lph, target gas flow is 400 lph

  • Andrei Chirila says:

    T-Gas-Flow (570) is too weak for reliable operation

  • mxue says:

    Probe gas, weak supply, gas flow is around 219 lph

  • Jenny Stein says:

    Temperature is reading “No probe”

  • mxue says:

    VT-Gas-Flow is missing – supply is probably out of order

  • Jenny Stein says:

    Window freezes during atma and the screen gets stuck on the wobb screen, then the acquisition data is lost. This has happened a few times in the past as well

  • Travis Lekich says:

    “ej” works fine.

    After using “ij”, the instrument makes a semi-loud noise, and then a low gas flow error pops up on topspin.

  • Travis Lekich says:

    Multiple of my J-Yong tubes have fitted loosely in one of the ceramic spinners. The spinner’s O-ring looks damaged.

  • Travis Lekich says:

    I am periodically getting the following error after using the command “lock Tol”:
    “No Status Change after ‘LOCK on’. => aborted!”
    My sample is a homogeneous solution in toluene-d8.

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